Telepathic Tom

This is the sequel to Time Tom.
Life has a way of bothering us, we think we’re done but it isn't so, Tom thought his last adventure was his absolute last but after an unfortunate event Tom finds himself once again alongside his old friends, Earth is perfectly normal in fact boring and Tom decides to take it easy and spend time with his friends. But when everyone starts hearing voices in their heads Tom knows something has to be done.

Half this story was written in 2006 then it was left six years before being completed in 2012 - finally it's chapter free A.K.A one continuous piece of writing.


7. "What, you really might die this time?"


    “Aliens,” said Sarah, “Good news, your ships are here to take you home, ready yourselves for transportation.” The Splasdroy who usually spoke for the whole group did so,

“Are there any complications?”

“Unfortunately, some of your planets have refused you because you’re no longer worthy,” there were cries of horror disgust and anger, “But an interested party has offered any refused being a new life.” Amazingly everyone agreed to this, except for one person.

    Tom in the cage made quite a fuss and eventually Tom let him out but only on the condition he didn’t run off. “When my father isn’t here I’m the master of the house” said Sarah,

“Ah that’s not technically true.” said D.A.T.R very worried from somewhere,

“So I free you all.”

“Tell Valentine he was a good master.”

“I will Rimbrant, don’t worry.” Rimbrant, who had come from somewhere unknown, joined the others in the large cage. “Tell all the ships okay D.A.T.R.” instructed Sarah, there was a anticipatory moment before different colours burst around the aliens, they disappeared one after the other until the cages were empty, there was another moments silence,

“All ships have peacefully left Earth’s orbit.”

“Thanks D.A.T.R.” said Tom,

“That’s that then.” said Sarah dusting her hands,

“Ah yes,” said Tom, “But me and Tom are now going to have a long talk about my imprisonment!”

(Tom from the cage will be identified as tom) “What exactly is going on?” asked tom looking across the kitchen table,

“I’ve come from somewhere odd, somewhere I can’t put my finger on.” said Tom,

“Yes, but why didn’t you cancel me out or kill me?” said tom,

“I got the feeling that if I did, something awful would happen to time and the Hyperverse.” explained Tom,

“Can I go home?”

“No, I’m trying to save the world and you look a mess, you smell of alien B.O.”

“That’s ‘cause I was bunged in a cell!”

“Woah, woah, I’m sorry, but look on the bright side, I’ve just saved you from being shipped off to a different planet.”

“It’s so weird watching the two of you talk to each other.” sighed Sarah,

“Yes and we could make a good team if…” Tom from the cage didn’t get any further, he suddenly grabbed his ears, gave a yell and fell off his chair,

“Let me guess,” said Tom, “It’s happening again.”

“Britain’s hearing voices in it’s heads.” said Sarah after reading Tom’s lips,

“Ninety per cent chance.” said Tom, tom re-emerged looking shaken,

“You could’ve helped, I’ve just been subjected to a weird attack.”

“There’s nothing we can do to help you humans during those attacks and I’m sorry.” said Tom,

“How did you know it was an attack?” asked Sarah,

“It makes perfect sense,” said tom, “Human I may be but I’ve got a very good brain, I’m top in science at school and I’ve been readying myself for an alien attack for a month.”

“You did well when I turned up, a complete copy of you and you let me knock you out and throw you in a cell.”

“That’s not important, Sarah what happens now?”

“Well tom and Tom, we wait for my Father to return home and we also look for our friend Ben.”

“My friend Ben.”

“Yeah sorry tom, he’s sort of become our friend.”

“Sarah is this…”

“And he’s sort of become an alien mimicker.”

“Tom, is this a joke?”

“No it isn’t, D.A.T.R, can you try again?”

“Try what?”

“Scanning the British skies for Ben?”

“No.” Sarah looked shocked (D.A.T.R saying no had never happened before),

“D.A.T.R you can’t be serious.”

“I am, that attack has really thrown me, you will have to use a manual radar on one of the other lesser computers.”

“D.A.T.R you’re a super computer.”

“And you Sarah are not getting the message, I can’t help, now leave me alone.” and there was a hum as the technological genius turned himself half-off. The trio went to one of the lesser computers and began their search.


    At five to six (still morning) D.A.T.R announced that the master of the house was incoming, the trio went up to face him.

“You little…” spat Valentine coming down the front path,

“Get behind me.” said Tom to tom while Sarah stayed at his side. “Hello sir.”

“I’m going to kill you!”


“Inside Sarah or you’re grounded for a year…indoors, this is between me and him!”, Sarah went dragging tom with her. “You broke into Downing Street as yourself, there have been reports of a dragon in the night sky, you little bastard!” and Valentine went to slap Tom round the face.

    Something incredible happened, Tom suddenly yelled ‘no wait stop!’…but he didn’t do it with his mouth. Valentine froze, he’d just heard Tom’s voice in his head, “What did you just do alien?”

“I-I don’t know sir.”

“I heard your voice in my head.”

“That’s called telepathy sir.”

“I know! Can you do it?”

“No sir.”

“But I heard…”

“Maybe you should calm down and…” Tom stopped suddenly, it had hit him. Last time he’d come to Earth he’d been given time travelling shoes, this time it had looked like he’d been given nothing, until now. “That’s it sir, my new power is telepathy.”


“At the moment it’s only there as an emergency defence system, but with a bit of training I’ll be able to use it for Earth protection.”

“What does Earth need protecting from?”,

“Master, you may want to step inside the house”. D.A.T.R’s voice bought Valentine round and he pushed past Tom into the kitchen, the TV was on and showing the morning news, Sarah was watching as well and there was no sign of tom. Lord Noc the new Prime Minister was speaking, it said exclusive along the screen bottom and Noc appeared to be in a library, most likely the one in his house, he was speaking and this is what he said.


    “People of Britain and the world after that, it is time for the truth, I am not the new Prime Minister, amazingly I didn’t need to work my power upon you. You voted me here, poor things. No, my name is The Speaker and I’m not from round these parts, (laugh) I know what you British think of immigrants, well try dealing with an immigrant from another planet, Great Britain has been suffering episodes of voices in the brain, I do not mind admitting I am the cause. I am now somewhere where no one can get to me and my attacks will continue, they will now be worldwide.” As he finished Valentine gave a yell and fell to the floor, this happened to humans all over the world but it didn’t last long, the world picked itself up, Valentine picked himself up, The Speaker continued. “If there is anybody out there willing to challenge me I must warn you. You must be armed with the right tools and we would be fighting for the planet, if you want to challenge me come to Ten Downing Street, you will be let in and I will appear before you, any time wasters will be killed, I Have Spoken.” The segment finished and the newsreader was shone again,

“And in other news.” he said, looking like he was about to faint, Valentine turned off the TV and on Tom, the anger had gone from his face.

“We wanted to tell you that Noc was suspicious Father.” said Sarah,

“Yeah, and I’ve just got it,” said Tom, “We were warned about a speaker, a political speaker, the answer was right in front of us.”

“That’s not important you two, Tom, I’m guessing this is why you’re here in the first place?”

“I wouldn’t be surprised sir.”

“I’m guessing it’s your destiny?”

“Sounds unbelievably corny sir…yes it probably is.”

“Then go to Downing Street, the human race needs you again…don’t know why I’m saying again.”

    There was a splat from the garden and everyone looked out the window, there lay Ben, naked in the garden, he’d obviously just fallen from the sky,

“Knew someone would say human eventually.” he droned,

“I won’t ask,” blinked Valentine, “In fact I’m going to have a long lie down until this all blows over.” and he left. Tom went outside,

“Sorry for what I did Tom.”

“Doesn’t matter now er…Ben I need to get to London in a hurry.”

“Do you want a punch in the throat?”

“Do you want to save the world?” Ben thought this over and suddenly exploded back into a Morbus-fractal, Tom picked himself up (that wing had thrown him towards the door of the house) and readied himself,

“He can control it now?” gasped Sarah,

“Seems so, I’ve got to go and save the world.”

“I’m coming as well.”

“This is something I have to do alone.”

“What! You’re taking Ben.”

“Very well, I need to save the world you need to savour this.” Tom embraced Sarah and kissed her. Most of Sarah’s internal circuits went into happy haywire, something blew in a shower of sparks and she fell backwards gracefully, “And that’s how you kiss a girl!” said Tom to tom who had just come to the door, “Look after her if I don’t come back.”

“What, you really might die this time?”

“It wasn’t in the job description but from time to time it happens!”

“We could have been something really good.”

“Twin Tom doesn’t have a good ring to it.” laughed Tom and boarded the Morbus.


    A gang member who considered himself hard waved cheerily to the guards as he walked up to the door of number Ten Downing Street, he knocked on the door and waited, an electric shield suddenly surrounded him, it was one that would still allow the door to open (for some reason no security force could enter the house) and after a pause it did.

“Yes.” said Lord Noc,

“Bring it on.” shrugged the gang member. Noc looked at the sky despairingly then drilled into the gang members head with some of his most powerful thoughts. The poor man gave a yell and sank to his knees, The Speaker refused to stop, he just kept going until the man’s brain haemorrhaged. The Speaker dragged the body over the welcome mat and slammed the door shut, then he retreated back to his mini on-Earth Dimension and waited for the next challenger.

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