Telepathic Tom

This is the sequel to Time Tom.
Life has a way of bothering us, we think we’re done but it isn't so, Tom thought his last adventure was his absolute last but after an unfortunate event Tom finds himself once again alongside his old friends, Earth is perfectly normal in fact boring and Tom decides to take it easy and spend time with his friends. But when everyone starts hearing voices in their heads Tom knows something has to be done.

Half this story was written in 2006 then it was left six years before being completed in 2012 - finally it's chapter free A.K.A one continuous piece of writing.


5. "What does The Speaker look like?"


  Valentine raced from the kitchen off to another part of the house.

“Sarah I seem to remember we wanted the name of the chameleon alien so Ben could become it and tell us about The Speaker.”

“Yes, we wanted the name, we’ll conduct the experiment, are you okay with it Ben.”

“Eh, yeah.”

“Smashing, D.A.T.R – the name please.”

“As you wish Sarah, the name of the alien species is Nar-theen.” Ben’s clothes fell to the floor but there was nothing there,

“Eh, there’s nothing there D.A.T.R.” said Tom,

“Yes there is young alien, without someone slash thing to copy a Nar-theen isn’t visible, look harder.” The pair did and saw a tiny shimmer like a heat shimmer or a panel of heat.

“If you’re a Nar-etc, tell us-if you can-what you know about The Speaker.” A block of words appeared in mid air,

“Ah yes,” said D.A.T.R, “Unless they’re mimicking a voice the Nar Beings don’t have one. They’re forced to beam blocks of words into your vision systems. Those blocks of words are only in your heads.”

“Incredible.” muttered Sarah, Tom read aloud.

“The Speaker came to our planet once, he tortured it with his gift, for a while we did not know what to do and we may of ceased to exist. But then it was realised. The Speaker should not have come to a planet inhabited by copiers, we all impersonated him and threw his power back at him, he was defeated but he had let slip his list of targets to one of us during one of his torture periods, this list receiver decided to warn the next on the list, the planet called Earth.”

“It’s very important that you get to the point.”

“Go easy on him Tom.”

(the first block of letters disappeared but words kept coming)“The list receiver set off for Earth in one of our ships,  ships that are just like us, he chose a scorpion being form so as to make a lasting impression, we do not know what happened to him.”

“What does The Speaker look like?”

“He looks like you.”

“No, his true alien form.”

“His true alien form looks like you.”

“So he’s a humanoid, and by the sounds of it, one that could actually pass for an earth human!”

“You sound worried.”

“Yes, he’s on our planet.”

“You were warned?”

“Yes, but the warning carrier died, I’m sorry.”

“No!” wailed the invisible being, “Perhaps he battled with The Speaker on the way to your planet, this is too much, release me from where ever I am and let me return to my home to grieve.”

“But we need information, we’re in terrible danger.”

“Return me or Earth will have two enemies to worry about!”

“Human.” said Sarah before Tom could say anything. Ben returned and started getting dressed,

“Great, we still don’t have all the information.”

“Tom, don’t say that, we have more.”

“Yes Sarah but not enough…are there any really suspicious people in Britain at the moment?”

“I can put together a list, I’ve been listening in you know.”

“Thank you D.A.T.R, when will you be done?” There was a pause,

“I won’t lie to you, for some reason I was effected by the mysterious voice attack, perhaps it’s cause I’m very slightly human. I will be able to put together a list…”


“In an extended amount of time…my apologies, the list should be ready by this evening.” Sarah looked down,

“It looks like everything’s gonna’ happen in the evening, the election result, the end of the country sweep by the hunting team, the completion of the list.”

“How are we going to amuse ourselves?”

“Don’t worry Ben, we’ll do the work of team and send the rescue requests to the other planets.”

“Okay Sarah.”

“What if there’s another attack?” asked Tom,

“I don’t think there will be one,” replied Sarah, “I think we’re dealing with someone who’s too clever to be un-subtle.”

Evening. They all waited in the kitchen around the radio, Valentine chewing his nails.

“The votes are in,” said the presenter, “And we have a new prime minister! Lord Mist Noc what do you have to say about this?”There was a pause (as the presenter obviously went over to Noc with the mic),

“I’m amazed that I’ve done it, I mean after those weird events earlier I’m glad that I’m here at all!”

“No, no, no,” said Valentine sinking his head into his hands, “First the team reports no findings and now this. This is not what I wanted to happen.”

“Why?” asked Sarah,

“Work related poppet, don’t ask!”

“But Father!”

“I have people to see, put yourself to bed, you might as well stay Tom and Ben, you’re one of the gang now but you listen here alien, you’re on the sofa not on my daughter!” And Valentine stormed out the house. With a satisfied hum, D.A.T.R came out of his research period and read the world news in a second,

“I see we have a new Prime Minister, I have the list of suspicious people, everyone on it has backgrounds that don’t fully make sense. It is rather long and in alphabetical order.”

“We’ve got all night team.” finger-cracked Tom,

“I can’t help thinking we’re missing something,” said Sarah then continued, “D.A.T.R, who’s the most suspicious on the list?” There was a pause,

“This is going to intrigue you but the most suspicious person there is none other than Lord Mist Noc, the new Prime Minister.”

“How so?”

“His back story seems rather sketchy.”

“Right,” said Tom suddenly deciding something, “We’re going out tonight as well.”

“Where?” asked Sarah,

“London, we’re going to dig deep into the life of this Mist Noc.” And Tom went into the garden.

“How are we going to get there?” said Sarah following him out dragging Ben,

“Yes, I can’t teleport you or anything.” said D.A.T.R from a garden light, Sarah suddenly saw Tom was massaging his temples, he was obviously trying to remember something and there it was, a glint in his eye,

“No!” she shouted,

“Morbus-fractal!” shouted Tom. Ben burst out of his clothes and a massive pterodactyl like creature stretched its wings in readiness for flight,

“You’ve gone too far this time Tom.” said Sarah as she joined Earth’s slightly alien hero on the scaly back,

“I’ve gone nowhere yet.” grinned Tom before yelling, “To London!” The creature flung itself upwards and they were away.


    “How are we going to land this thing?” yelled Sarah over the wind,

“Why, d’you think anyone’ll notice!”

“Very funny!”

“I know exactly what I’m doing, look we’re above Downing Street!”


“I’m not aiming for Number Ten, I’m aiming for the apartments of the possible prime ministers, I’ve done my research, get ready!”

“For what?”

“Human!” Ben transformed and the trio fell out of the sky and thumped down on the roof of a building. Sarah stood up and immediately started,

“Are you mad, Ben’s naked, I’m furious…”

“I’m going through that skylight.”

“Tom!” Tom ignored her, opened the skylight and jumped in, Sarah and Ben followed,

“There’s got to be a light switch somewhere.”

“Tom stop, I live in a house where even the light switches spell trouble for intruders.”

“Thank you Sarah but I think it’ll be alright.”

“Fine, at least let’s find a bedroom and steal some clothes.”

“Who’s out of their mind again?”

“For Ben!” There was a click and a normal wattage bulb came on to reveal their location and it was disappointing mainly because there was nothing about. They were in an elongated landing with a room at either end, they were close to the entrance of one of the rooms, the landing was unfurnished and the room (on entering) proved to be empty except for carpet.

“A room shouldn’t look like this.” stated Ben,

“We’ll check the other room then.” said Tom…same story, the trio went downstairs; kitchen, sitting room, shower-room, office, all empty.

“The basement.” pointed Sarah, down the next flight of stairs they went.

    The Basement was an oddity, (they were greeted into it by automatic lights) it didn’t have any windows but it still looked like the inside of a with-window flat, it had everything a resident would want and on the mantelpiece (mantelpiece!) was a framed photo of a man and his family.

“I need to know who this is,” said Tom, “I’ve not yet seen a picture of Lord Noc.”

“I have an idea.” said Sarah.


    Sarah stood still and concentrated,

“What are you doing?”

“Shush Tom!” There was a short wait and Sarah spoke, “Using my on-board computers I sent a message to D.A.T.R, he’ll be inside me shortly.” As Sarah finishing speaking her left eyeball flipped over and suddenly looked robotic and scanner-related, instead of jumping Tom just said

“Way to make an entrance D.A.T.R”. A scanning beam suddenly scanned the photo and Sarah straightened completely her eye not returning to normal, Tom waited again then Sarah spoke,

“D.A.T.R says the man in the photo is James Ridge, the other possible Prime Minister.”

“Great, let me work this out, you may go D.A.T.R.” Sarah’s eye returned to normal and Tom came to the answer simultaneously.

“That’s Lord Noc’s apartment upstairs, it’s unlived in, what’s he playing at, what’s the answer, something’s got to come along.” Unbelievably something came along for there was the noise of a door opening above.

“This is not happening!” panicked Sarah as Ben appeared from the tiny en-suite wearing a dressing gown,

“Freeze.” said Tom and he picked up a heavy writing pen from the coffee table and threw it at the light switch,

“Automatic lights.” gasped Sarah as the pen sailed across the room and Tom realised his mistake. Three things happened; the pen hit the light switch, the lights didn’t go out and a loud bell (with a door-bell related sound) rang out upstairs. 

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