Telepathic Tom

This is the sequel to Time Tom.
Life has a way of bothering us, we think we’re done but it isn't so, Tom thought his last adventure was his absolute last but after an unfortunate event Tom finds himself once again alongside his old friends, Earth is perfectly normal in fact boring and Tom decides to take it easy and spend time with his friends. But when everyone starts hearing voices in their heads Tom knows something has to be done.

Half this story was written in 2006 then it was left six years before being completed in 2012 - finally it's chapter free A.K.A one continuous piece of writing.


2. "We received a warning about a mysterious being."


    Tom phoned his parents and said he was staying the night at Sarah’s, both his parents said yes straight away and without question, while he did this Valentine oversaw the hiding of the ship. Tom went to see Sarah in her room she was lying on her bed and looked drained.

“How you feeling?” he asked,

“A bit woozy but hey I’ve come through being crushed, never thought I’d be able to boast that.”

“I feel I should tell you you’re being kept alive by a machine.” there was a pause,

“You know I’m not that surprised, it’s the sort of thing my Father would do, you have a distant look in your eyes.”

“We received a warning about a mysterious being, knowing our luck this being is approaching our world, I know we need to look out for The Speaker.”

“The Speaker?”

“That’s what the warner said.”

“Don’t let these thoughts keep you up all night.” helped Sarah,

“You’re correct, I’ll get ready for bed.” But Tom did not get ready for bed, he got ready for action. When Sarah had powered down and turned off Tom went over to D.A.T.R, “Good evening old friend.”

“Ah, Time Tom, the mysterious teenager, what can I do for you?”

“You can hack anything?”

“Is this some sort of joke humanoid? I know things like you like to do that.”

“Sorry, I forgot, I need you to access the computer systems of the Invincible Jarbreath of the Roumart Cali Star System, deliver the message that a certain half-human requires a meeting.”

“Why should I do this, you’re inviting aliens to our planet, I am not built to do this, I will now close down…”

“Are you built to save the planet?”


“Well the only way I can save the planet is by inviting aliens here, what do you say to that?” No reply came but the mighty computer whirred for about twelve seconds,

“The message is now in plain sight waiting to be read somewhere in the depths of space.”

“Thank you very much, open the window please.”

“Again an odd request in fact a dangerous one, enemies can get in through open windows.”

“It’ll be okay.” said Tom and jumped out.

     He landed like a cat then straightened and looked at the stars, “My planet’s out there somewhere.” he sighed, “Why did I say that?” Tom was about to be confused again when a figure appeared on the road in a flash of light, Tom ran over and saw this arrival properly. A large avian looking man with a massive beak and dressed in draped wooden beads stood before him. “Thank you for coming the distance.”

“Vat it is Nai-As-Di, Friend of the Jarbreath.”

“What did you call me?”

“Nai-As-Di, in your language it means zair rain zat vashes avay the trouble, it is the name the Jarbreath hafe gifen you, vat do you vant?”

“Wait, a minute, how are you?”

“At var, I am coming here during vun ov the breaks, this ad better be vorth the abzens.”

“I’m intrigued.”

“The Myout recently became a problem ven their close to home vood sources ran out, now vey come to our planet to try and steal atchlings, the Infincible Jarbreath must vight back.”

“My thoughts are with you…but I’m a friend to the Jarbreath and you can do me a great favour.”


“Have you heard of a being called The Speaker?” There was a pause,

“Unvortunatly not, vy does this being interest you?”

“We were warned he was heading here.”

“I vish I could say ve vill do our research, but the var vill start again soon, me and my people vill not be afailable for ages.”

“I will not keep you.”

“Your battle isn’t ofer, good luck, Nai-As-Di.” and the Jarbreath visitor vanished in a second flash. Tom ran his fingers through his hair then turned and walked back to the house, he climbed the drain-pipe and went through the window.

“I knew you’d return, usually that drain pipe and that window opening are alarmed.”

“Thank you D.A.T.R.”

“What will you do now?”

“Go to sleep.”

“I will join you in said human activity.” So Tom climbed into bed but the thought of the incoming Speaker made getting off difficult.


    The next morning Tom and Sarah were woken by an alien crowing, they got up, made their beds, showered, dressed and went downstairs for breakfast. A suited Valentine was rushing out the door,

“I’m going to London,” he announced, “Absolutely everyone and everything is in controlled sleep, nothing’s going to wake up and don’t meddle. I have to meet the prime minister and a secret wing of the government.” he jammed a slice of toast in his mouth and jogged out the door. Sarah picked up the newspaper on the table,

“Two weeks ‘till that important election.” she said,

“Politics,” tutted Tom, “Did you know there’s a peaceful planet called Mastfol and on that planet politics is a very rude swear word.”

“I did not know that, well the result might affect us, the education system’s bad enough as it is.” A knock came on the door,

“I’ll get it.” said D.A.T.R’s voice suddenly fuzzing out of the microwave, there was the sound of the front door opening and D.A.T.R’s voice, “The master of the house told you not to snoop, your friends are in the kitchen.” Ben came into the kitchen,

“Morning Ben.” smiled Sarah,

“Morning Sarah,” drowned Ben, “There are scorch marks on the road outside.”

“Don’t worry about it Ben,” said Tom and got ready to wow him, “Last night I was talking to an alien called a Jarbreath.” There was a loud popping sound and suddenly a large Jarbreath was standing in the kitchen,

“What’s going on!” yelled Sarah, the Jarbreath gave a screech and lunged at her, Sarah suddenly transformed into a small block of metal and fell into the seat of her chair,

“Leave the human alone!” yelled Tom. The noise came again and suddenly Ben was back but naked, the block of metal suddenly expanded and there stood Sarah,

“I’m being told by my on-board computer that I was just rescued from an attack…oh my god Ben you’re naked, what happened?”

“I said the name of an alien and Ben transformed into an alien, the exact alien I named.”

“Ben, go and put some clothes on, there must be some old things of my Father’s upstairs.”

“No wait…D.A.T.R, read out a list of all the aliens held in this house.”

“Very well Tom, Tenimoybous,” Ben became a tall pile of writhing tentacles, “Splasdroy,” Ben went from tentacled blob to purple crocodilian with three square eyes, “Grungeulpf,” Ben became a hairy dog like creature with a hairy trunk,

“Enough!” yelled Sarah,

“Human.” said D.AT.R calmly, Ben re-appeared, he was curled up in a ball,

“I don’t really know what’s going on.” he droned,

“I do,” said Tom, “He touched that alien ship, it must of done something too him…D.A.T.R where is the wreckage?”

“The master of this house has already completely destroyed it Tom.”

“We’ll have to find a cure later, education is more important than transformation.”

“But Ben could be really dangerous Tom, I’ve just made up a name, if I say there might be aliens called Tossdrates out there…”, Ben suddenly became a brown slug-skinned trolite covered in external teeth, Sarah screamed,

“Human.” put in D.A.T.R quietly (Ben returned),

“He read my mind,” gasped Sarah, “That’s exactly what I feared one of those would look like.” 

“He can become our worst nightmares, don’t mention any existing aliens, don’t think about non-existent aliens and for god’s sake don’t tell your Father.”

“I intend not to, he’d want to study Ben’d probably be a procedure involving very sharp knives!”

“Plixx Plaxx.” Ben became a green cube of pulsing vegetation,


“Sorry Sarah, it was just for fun, Human.” Ben returned gasping,

“There are spare clothes through there.” pointed Sarah, Ben ran off”. “Everything’s rather crazy isn’t it?” said Sarah sitting back down,

“Now I think about it you transformed as well.”

“The computers telling me it’s here to help, I’m guessing I now have an internal security system.”

“Anything else you can do?” Sarah concentrated, a laser scanner beamed out of her hand and read the bar code on the freezer,

“Apparently I can read bar codes.”

“That’s a power that no one’s ever had before.” laughed Tom as Ben re-entered the kitchen. As he entered an idea struck Tom, he looked at Ben and said “The Speaker”,

“He’s just got dressed!” yelled Sarah, but nothing happened to Ben,

“The Speaker.” repeated Tom,

“It would appear,” muttered D.A.T.R from somewhere, “That the image of this so called Speaker is protected.”

“Bother.” said Tom thumping the table,

“We’ve got to get to school.” said Sarah,

“Yes, and I can’t time travel run any more, it’s fifteen minutes as the crow flies.” there was a silence,

“He only transforms into aliens by the look of it Tom.” shrugged Sarah,

“Then that’s a relief,” said Tom picking up his bag, “D.A.T.R please research The Speaker and we’ll talk when we get back from school.”


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