Telepathic Tom

This is the sequel to Time Tom.
Life has a way of bothering us, we think we’re done but it isn't so, Tom thought his last adventure was his absolute last but after an unfortunate event Tom finds himself once again alongside his old friends, Earth is perfectly normal in fact boring and Tom decides to take it easy and spend time with his friends. But when everyone starts hearing voices in their heads Tom knows something has to be done.

Half this story was written in 2006 then it was left six years before being completed in 2012 - finally it's chapter free A.K.A one continuous piece of writing.


9. "Vat is correct, it vould be a massife ples-ure."


    Verance Highcorridor opened his eyes and stopped rubbing his temples, a man in silver uniform stood before him wielding a remote and looking angry – he shouted before bellowing,

“Good thing you’ve exited, I was just about to do the dangerous thing and force your removal…What are you doing in the exam simulation room!” 

“Ah, I know this looks bad,” gestured Verance and suddenly it all made sense to him, “Mas Advisor must have thrown me in here and activated the first exam on the console.”

“This will be investigated Highcorridor, why did Advisor throw you in here?”

“I might have done something to him first.” The teacher sighed,

“You boys, always fighting, look what it comes to, were you okay, those are brand new exams, nobodies done them yet.”

“But...” said Verance then decided to shut up,

“Let’s go,” said the teacher shepherding him out the room, “And I suggest you pop along to Doctor Wiebago for shock treatment, I have other places to be.” And the teacher teleported away,

“Yes,” said Verance, “She’s exactly who I need to talk to.”


    Doctor Wiebago finished listening to Verance’s story,

“Verance you seem troubled by the fact that you ended up being this Tom character again.”

“I am troubled Doctor, (they were talking in telepathy, they usually did) the teacher said those were brand new exams yet I ended up in my old one from about a year ago, once again I forgot it was an exam, I was Tom in there and his life was good.”

“We’ve had this conversation before Corridor, they’re exams, they’re not supposed to affect you like…”

“But it was exactly the same.” Doctor Wiebago took off her glasses and sighed,

“Very well, I have a confession to make. When you came to me last time explaining about this complex world I was intrigued, these exams adapt to whoever’s in them and you’re so amazing I had a suspicion your exam would be, it was and I wanted to study this one further, the one concerning Tom. So I made sure that particular exam wasn’t wiped forever, I made sure the program kept running, in fact it was only on the computer in the exam simulation room ‘cause I was preparing to go to your exam world myself.”

“Is that allowed?”

“No, that is not allowed, I could do something awful to the Hyperverse.”

“Say again what you did.”

“I loaded your exam onto a memory stick and kept it running, it remained running on the stick and then I put your exam on another computer and also kept it running. I rewrote it a bit, erasing the disaster you stopped in the first exam, but yes I’m keeping your exam running.”  

“Are you allowed to do that?”

“No I’m not Corridor and I’d like it if this information doesn’t leave this room.”

“Why’s it not allowed?”

“It damages the Hyperverse apparently - not very much - the damage is equivalent to a flea punching a blue whale but all the same it’s forbidden.”

“You must be the first exam master to do something like this.”

“I am, sorry you were thrown in that room, it’s not the world’s best room, I do spend time in that room before the exams. I make sure the room has a calming atmosphere, of course there are no exams happening at the moment so the calming atmosphere is exactly what you wouldn’t have got, next time I’m there I’ll cover my tracks. How advanced is it now, I mean the exam world?”

“In it humans are either controlling or understanding mini dimensions.”

“Then it’s more advanced than I ever thought, no I will keep it running, by that I mean I won’t even re-set it. Did you know watching it helps me remember the glory days of Earth…all that time ago.”

“Thank you Doctor, I’ll go.”

“There’s another reason I won’t turn it off.”

“What’s that?”

“You are Telepathic Tom, Alien Hero of Earth – that particular Earth may need you again, you’re a hero in another world and nothing’s going to change that.”


    Verance left the doctor’s and set off; a surprise was waiting for him in the large lobby. One of the Shoulder Masters (this school system is crazy) was talking to a tall figure draped in wooden beads,

“No way,” breathed Verance and rushed over, “Sir what’s going on?”

“Honestly Highcorridor, our visitor is just leaving.”

“What is he doing here?”

“He’s extending an invitation, school trips will now be able to go to his planet, isn’t that right Great Keab.”

“Vat is correct, it vould be a massife ples-ure.”

“But the Jarbreath are at war with the Myout.”

“Young vun you are halv correct, I am a high representatife of the Infincable Jarbreath of the Roumart Cali star system, but ve are not at var with the Myout, vey have plenty of vood on veir planet,  how do you know oose?”

“I saw you in an exam.”

“Oh I’fe heard about vese exams, not eferyving in them is made up…vank you vor the meeting, I must depart.” (this was directed to the shoulder master)

“Of course, glad we could become friends...species wise.”

“Could you give me a minute vith this young vone.”

“Of course.” said the master and teleported away.

“Why do you want to speak to me?”

“I do not vant to speak to you, I vant to varn you that your battle still isn’t ofer, good luck, Nai-As-Di.”

“Nai-As-Di, that’s the name you gave my exam version Telepathic Tom, what’s going on here?”

“Now is not the time Tom.” bowed the Jarbreath and disappeared in a flash. Verance stood, rooted to the spot, he didn’t know what to make of it, real world and exam world where nudging each other at the edges, if he wrote a scientific paper on this he’d be hailed a genius. He went over to the big window and looked out into space,

“There are so many mysteries out there.” he said, for a second his reflection was that of Telepathic Tom.

The End

Telephone Tom - Coming Soon 

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