Telepathic Tom

This is the sequel to Time Tom.
Life has a way of bothering us, we think we’re done but it isn't so, Tom thought his last adventure was his absolute last but after an unfortunate event Tom finds himself once again alongside his old friends, Earth is perfectly normal in fact boring and Tom decides to take it easy and spend time with his friends. But when everyone starts hearing voices in their heads Tom knows something has to be done.

Half this story was written in 2006 then it was left six years before being completed in 2012 - finally it's chapter free A.K.A one continuous piece of writing.


3. "Prime Minister with respect, please arrive at the point."


    “Mr Mortuary, thanks for coming here, what I’m about to tell you is very important but you will not take it well.” Valentine tapped his fingers together and stared at both the prime minister and the secret wing of the government, “Mortuary it costs the country a lot of money to keep your aliens alive and in secure cells,”

“Prime Minister with respect, please arrive at the point.”

“Cut’s need to be made, all your aliens must either leave the planet or be killed.”

“They can’t leave the planet sir, they are all criminals, they all invaded and all of them were checkers, that means invasions would have followed, if we hold them we send a message to the invasion ready races. Stay away from our planet or else.”

“Times have changed, there hasn’t been an invasion for sixteen years, maybe no one’s concerned with us now.”

“But, we need those aliens for medical advances…” Commander Box started as well,

“We know want you did to the first ones, we know what you still do to them today.”

“Box is right,” said Celia Bletch looking up from her clipboard, “Those aliens have rights, Alien Rights and without a doubt you’ve been abusing them.”

“How do you know?”

“One of them talked Mortuary,”

“Prime Minister…”

“Let me finish, an alien with a connection to one of your prisoners reported torture and gassing.”

“All criminals are scanned for gifts.”

“Then one of your held was too clever, however rights no longer matter,” (Bletch gave a startled cough and her glasses slid down her nose) “I have to make those cuts, you have one month to either re-planet or kill all your stock.”

“Can’t we send them somewhere else on the planet, there are hundreds of places in America and you know about Fifty One, there have got to be other willing countries with no money problems, Switzerland, Africa, Greece.”

“We are not going to burden other countries, besides secret transportation would also cost too much.” Valentine put his head in his hands and thought then lifted and spoke,

“I can’t sway you?”

“This has to be got out of the way now Mortuary, I might not be here in two weeks, you know what event is coming.”

“Aliens are allowed to vote sir, mine could be encouraged to…you know…”

“Actually because British human prisoners are not allowed to vote, aliens in the same condition in Britain can’t vote.” smiled Bletch looking pleased with herself,

“And my team sir, my hunting team?”

“They’ll be disbanded by either you or me when the aliens are gone.”


“There it is then,” rounded up the Prime Minister, Celia Bletch wasn’t finished,

“Those aliens have the right to die with dignity if you choose that path Mortuary and dispose of the bodies’ properly; I don’t want to hear reports of alien DNA in the English meat food chain any time soon!” The Prime Minister clapped his hands,

“That’s that then…clear the room.” everyone left in a hurry. The Prime Minister came round and sat next to Valentine, “I’m sorry it’s come to this Valentine, but I have to look the hero for the public, you know what event is coming.”

“I’d prefer it if you didn’t call me that sir.”

“I’m the Prime Minister Valentine and as you just saw, I can do whatever I like.”



    “Good morning class,” said Miss D Point from the whiteboard side, “Today’s lesson will be about the upcoming election.” a tide of moans washed to the front of the classroom, “Enough of that!” snapped Point, “One day this’ll matter to you a great deal.”

“I doubt it.” said Tom to Sarah,

“Children please. A speaker from each party will be coming in and trying to convince you to vote for them, this is mock because you’re all under age.”

“A line of people talking drivel, I’m turning my brain off…literally.” said Sarah,

“Ben, have you got the ear plugs in?” whispered Tom, Ben didn’t respond, “He’s got them in.” said Tom,

“Right, commence not listening but looking.” said Sarah.


    Valentine looked out the window of the special taxi, he started talking to himself in his head.

“It’s taken me so long to put together this empire it shouldn’t all have to end,” “I mean I have so much power over beings, it’s great,” “Those poor team members, in a job cut world like this it’s unfair,” “If the Prime Minister wants those aliens dead he’ll have to kill them himself,” “That’s it, I’ll bring a few to him in front of a crowd and see what he does, I’m a genius!” and in his head Valentine laughed as he descended into madness.


    After the school day Tom Ben and Sarah returned to Sarah’s house, Tom called his parents and said he’d be staying over again and they okayed it, Ben did the same with a repeated outcome.

“I noticed via the school cameras that you weren’t listening in Miss D Point’s class.”

“Oh go away D.A.T.R, you have no right to pry.”

“The master of the house lays done certain orders Sarah.”

“Damn him.”

“James Ridge and Lord Mist Noc are both good candidates for prime minister though Noc’s back stories’ suspiciously sketchy.”

“Now’s not the time D.A.T.R, open the lab, we need to find a cure for Ben.”

“Oh yes, the boy who transforms into an alien, like if you say Hout-Gust.” Ben became a wisp of grey smoke and his clothes dropped to the floor empty,

“Human.” said Tom returning him,

“If I didn’t know better I’d say you were developing a twisted sense of humour D.A.T.R.,” muttered Sarah, “Ben keep your clothes off, there’s no point in putting them on due to what’s about to happen.”

“Sorry for causing that.” said D.A.T.R sounding pleased about something. The food preparation area rose on four metal legs and the trio walked down the stairs into the lab.

“This might hurt a bit.” said Sarah and wired Ben to a machine and computer combo, the computer buzzed and whirred and a picture appeared on the screen, “Ah yes, here’s his DNA, see Tom it’s perfectly normal, now he’s already naked as I said - you’ve got his clothes - sorry Ben but I need to see what happens, Lueb Frig.” Ben suddenly started looking like Rimbrant from earlier and he was still connected to the computer, “Human.” said Sarah and Ben returned, “Now to watch the recording back.” said Sarah, she pressed some buttons and looked at the screen, Tom and her saw Ben’s normal DNA change in a second, “That was me triggering it,” said Sarah, the DNA went back to being human, “And that’s me finishing up…his DNA’s clean, where’s the drive coming from?”

“It doesn’t necessarily have to be on the outside, split in half his very DNA on screen.” instructed Tom, Sarah did so.

“There it is,” she gasped, “Tiny, but there it is, he’s been given the DNA of a chameleon type of alien that I shan’t name here, Tom, exactly what happened?”

“I don’t like to remember it.”


“A one-man ship fell on you, a scorpion-like being rolled out and warned me, your Father and Rimbrant about The Speaker, the alien being then died.”

“Whatever it was it probably wasn’t a scorpion like creature.”

“Well get the name of the chameleon alien and tell me, Ben can change and inform me about The Speaker.”

“Tom, he probably won’t end up with their knowledge.”

“We don’t know the limitations of his powers, now tell me the…” the front door slammed above them,

“Oh crumbs,” paled Sarah, “Father’s home.” She looked up into the security camera above, “D.A.T.R, not a word about our whereabouts.”

“I’m sorry Sarah but I will do whatever the master says, I will inform him you’re down here but to be kind won’t say what you’re doing.” Ben got dressed quickly and Sarah bought up a file on science homework, Sarah’s father staggered down the stairs and stopped before them, he looked very pale (though the madness had left him), Sarah jumped up and ran to him.

“Father what’s wrong?”

“Orders from the top Sarah, all the aliens in holding here must either face re-planettation or death, I’ve been given a month and I can’t work miracles.”

“Oh crumbs,” said Tom to himself, “The other me is in one of those cells, he mustn’t be killed so my time here has also been reduced.”

“Can you get in touch with all the planets Father?”

“Only a handful of them and they’re residents are not going to like the letter contents.”

“We’ll help.”

“No you won’t, my team will help me, goodness knows it’s the last thing they’ll do.”


“The team isn’t needed either.”

“But what about an invasion?”

“Apparently we as a planet are very boring…wait a minute, what are you doing down here?”

“Sorry, science homework.”

“You’ve got your room and a good computer.” D.A.T.R gave a loud electronic cough, “Thank you D.A.T.R but I don’t want my daughter to cheat, with what you can offer she will.  Come along, back upstairs please.” 

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