Telepathic Tom

This is the sequel to Time Tom.
Life has a way of bothering us, we think we’re done but it isn't so, Tom thought his last adventure was his absolute last but after an unfortunate event Tom finds himself once again alongside his old friends, Earth is perfectly normal in fact boring and Tom decides to take it easy and spend time with his friends. But when everyone starts hearing voices in their heads Tom knows something has to be done.

Half this story was written in 2006 then it was left six years before being completed in 2012 - finally it's chapter free A.K.A one continuous piece of writing.


4. "I want someone to start making sense right now."


    They did all leave the under-kitchen lab but headed for the holding pens, Valentine instructing D.A.T.R to wake the occupants.

“Aliens,” said Valentine looking grim, “I have some bad news, very important people are demanding that I either re-planet you or kill you.” Every alien got rather worked up about this and there was a lot of outraged shouting, the only Splasdroy - who was close - was to the point.

“Imprisoner, if you kill us - ‘specially me - you will bring the might of the Droyt empire down on your planet.”

“There is no might in that empire.” gurgled the Tenimoybous (the Splasdroy tailed him, hard),

“It’s simple then, if you can contact your planets and ask for peaceful rescue you may go.”

“You took our contact devices.”

“Yes but they are still intact, your ships have been destroyed.” (no one got angry at this, they were too busy listening to the conversation)

“If you don’t kill us who will?”

“This countries government will kill you and I’d do it quickly, think that through.”

“You’d do it quickly?”

“You’d be dead in the blink of one of your square eyes.”

“Don’t be racist about our eyes, we try to take care of them, they go circular if we watch too much television.”

“Indeed, if I allow you, in fact if I allow all of you to get in touch with home, you must stress to your peoples that any rescue involving human death will spell trouble for guess who.”

    Suddenly the scene was shattered as a figure ran up to talk to Valentine,

“You, the one in the suit, you’ve got to get me out of here!”

“Why, what’s going on?”

“I’m completely human, these are aliens and I’m freaking out!” Valentine turned to Tom, Sarah and Ben, “You look completely alike.”

“Should have told you.” muttered Sarah looking at the ceiling,

“Ah yes but I’m human! I’m guessing my doppelgänger there with my two friends is an alien, I’m completely normal, I get up in the morning and think the world’s great instead of lets invade this place, I wear cool clothes instead of leather and plastic suits and I eat marmalade toast instead of brains.”

“I love a bit of marmalade toast.” shrugged Tom,

“Yeah, it is quite nice… but that’s not the point! You are in my place.” Valentine breathed in a few times,

“I want someone to start making sense right now.” Tom nodded to Sarah and Ben and began,

“Sir, the Tom in the cage is a highly detailed replica of me, he’s such a good replica that he’s got it written in his brain that I’m the alien.” Tom was now gaping like a damp mine shaft,

“I don’t fully believe you but there’s a way to sort this out, D.A.T.R, full scan of Tom.”

“Which one sir?”



“Scan the one in the cage.” A camera appeared above Tom and he was scanned with a flash,

“The results are in sir, the Tom in the cage is more alien than the one behind you.”

“No!” Tom dropped to his knees and the aliens around him rolled their eyes,

“Right, that’s that sorted then, I am now going to leave, I will assemble all your contact devices, farewell.” Valentine turned and left with the group of three in tow, Tom was about to charge the cage wall in protest…when the gas knocked him out.

It was finally election day and the air was hot with anticipation, (ex-Time) Tom, Sarah and Ben sat at the kitchen table eating breakfast and Valentine paced near the radio, the result wouldn’t be revealed until the evening. The last two weeks had been hectic, a massive alien freighter ship had tried landing on planet Earth but D.A.T.R had convinced those aboard that Earth didn’t need large tri-lens sunglasses and hats that changed colour according to your mood. Valentine had been helping the aliens get in touch with their planets, unfortunately most races had said that any planet checker who goes and gets caught, doesn’t deserve to get rescued, others had been promised rescue but the ships of the rescuers wouldn’t be fast one’s, in fact none of them had arrived! Sarah and Tom had been trying to cure Ben in secret but to no avail, he’d suffered a few transformations round Sarah’s house but only because Valentine was contacting planets and reeling off names, Ben was now transforming if someone named an alien several rooms away and both Sarah and Tom feared that soon he’d start transforming in his own house, which was in the same housing estate as Valentine’s.

    “Odd that they’re doing it at the weekend.” said Sarah,

“Doing what?” asked Tom,

“Announcing the results of the election, usually we’d be at school.”

“Can you keep it down?” snapped Valentine, “I’m really on edge here.”

“Sorry Father, come on guys.” The boys followed Sarah outside into the garden. “Here’s a bit of fun.” said Sarah and she went to the hedge and lent down, she must of pressed a button for a glowing doorway appeared before them, through it they could see the same cul-de-sac but everything was varying shades of grey, the boys followed her through,

“What is this place?” droned Ben,

“It’s an alternative version of the cul-de-sac designed to fox alien attackers,” said Sarah, “It’s basically another dimension but a very small one, we can knock about in here for a bit, it might be fun!”


    The telephone rang as Valentine was pacing, he picked it up,

“Hello Valentine.” (Valentine recognised the voice)

“Hello Prime Minister.”

“Just wanted to say the hour will soon be upon us.”

“I’m aware.”

“If a new prime minister enters power today he won’t be told about the aliens, my order will still stand even if I’m not in power. How’s it going?”

“Hold on, is this a secure line.”

“The most.”

“A few planets are sending out ships but so many are still facing the chop.”

“I’d be sincere friend, if I had the time, which I don’t. What to say of my competitors, Ridge is positively breezy and Lord Noc has a mad glint in his eye, we’re all knocking about under one roof at the moment and well… it’s not helping the milling feelings.”


“Oh, got to go, hopefully see you soon from the same position.” The call ended, Valentine was about to yell in frustration…when the whole of Great Britain went crazy.

    A red light flashed under the skin of Sarah’s right arm (the trio were the only things in colour),

“It’s an alert,” said Sarah then paused, “My on board computers are telling me something’s just happened back home.” She went over to the nearest hedge and ducked again, she must of pressed a button for they were suddenly back beside the house in our dimension, they could hear car crash related noises from the nearest road but decided to run into the house, Sarah’s father was lying on the kitchen floor clutching his head, “What’s happened now?” asked Sarah,

“I heard a voice in my head,” said Valentine picking himself up, “It said that classical music might die out in fifty years over and over again, I just wanted to block it out.”

“How long did it go on for?” asked Tom,

“About five minutes, look at the TV.” The ‘emergency broadcast’ banner was scrolling along the bottom of the screen and the reporter was talking,

“Wide spread car crashes and public confusion as seemingly everyone hears something random in their heads, no one has an answer for this mysterious phenomenon.” The phone rang again,

“Valentine, what the hell just happened?” (It was the Prime minister but Valentine wasn’t going to name him in front of the teens)

“I don’t know sir.”

“Damn it Val, if this has something to do with one of your lot then…!”

“I’m on it sir, bye.”

“Who was that Father?”

“No one Sarah, D.A.T.R, were the sleeping aliens in the cages showing signs of disturbance?”

“No sir.”

“Get me videos of people of who were asleep in Britain but were awoken by this.” There was a six second pause.

“Videos received and watched, sleepers were woken.”

“Aliens aren’t effected and I’m guessing this had something to do with other aliens, why did you not give an incoming warning?”

“I saw nothing coming sir and I heard nothing either.”

“Noted, you three, were you effected?”

“We were in ‘nother dimension.”

“Really Ben, Sarah you’re not supposed to go there without my permission.”

“Sorry Father.” the TV presenter said something important.

“And already there’s an explanation for the mysterious voices incident, the government are saying we were caught in a magnetical storm, an extremely fast moving storm that was only over Great Britain for five minutes. Apparently the storm came down from the sky but returned there after passing over us, apparently this was a human effecting storm. Do you believe this story, get in touch with us and our email address is on screen now, also tell us what you heard and be truthful, the best one will win a prize.”

“So that’s the way the world’s going,” said Tom, “Isolated disaster, lives lost and all we can think about is how to market it and and…oooh it makes me so angry.”

“They’ll probably be t-shirts,” said Sarah, “I survived the mysterious voices incident.” Valentine suddenly looked relived, he looked hard at Tom,

“You’re slightly alien according to my marvellous computer, this is your area, can you give me an answer?”

“Eh….no.” said Tom

“But you’re Time Tom, you can solve it” said D.A.T.R,

“Why did you call me that?”

“The very past itself, set or altered, always transmits a signal delivering information, I’m the only computer that can read it. Apparently that’s your name and to this planet you’re some sort of hero.”

“Not this time, why’s everyone looking at me?”

“Tom, if you’re some sort of hero, a lot of people kinda need your help.”

“Sarah I’m as clueless as you, on top of that there’s no guarantee that it’s going to happen again!”…it happened again.

    Tom and Sarah watched in horror as Ben and Valentine fell to the floor clutching their heads,

“Turn him alien for protection.” said Tom, Sarah read Tom’s lips and replied

“No.” The pair stopped shaking and re-righted,

“We weren’t affected Father.”

“Lucky you Sarah it’s not a nice experience, how?”

“You know this alien computer inside me, it’s telling me it did something to my brain.”

“If we’re caring about me as well nothing happened either.”

“That Tom is because you’re slightly alien, which proves my point, aliens aren’t effected.”

“Yes sir, what do we do?” (the TV started reporting about the second bout of voices once again offering up the storm as an excuse, Valentine turned it off)

“Stop the team getting in touch with other planets and order a Britain sweep,”

“What’s that?”

“A British sweep Ben is when a team of people sweep the entire country.”

“But that could take months sir!”

“You haven’t seen the size of my team Tom and how quick they are, mere minutes in each location, the whole country will have been checked by this evening, if there’s to be a new prime minister we want him to start trouble free.” 

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