Telepathic Tom

This is the sequel to Time Tom.
Life has a way of bothering us, we think we’re done but it isn't so, Tom thought his last adventure was his absolute last but after an unfortunate event Tom finds himself once again alongside his old friends, Earth is perfectly normal in fact boring and Tom decides to take it easy and spend time with his friends. But when everyone starts hearing voices in their heads Tom knows something has to be done.

Half this story was written in 2006 then it was left six years before being completed in 2012 - finally it's chapter free A.K.A one continuous piece of writing.


1. "Oh no, he's zapped me down to Earth!"


Verance Highcorridor was bored; he decided to make this science lesson more interesting, unbeknown to him this would lead to an unfortunate event. They were mixing a volatile potion, a potion with the ability to dissolve anything. Because of these powers the potion had to be mixed in anti-gravity. Verance looked over at Mas Advisor, he and Mas weren’t enemies but then again they weren’t friends. Verance threw an unneeded substance (in mini-pill form)at Mas’s work, there was a massive explosion that mushroomed upwards, the turquoise flames went quickly and the smoke came to maximum height, billowed over and rushed back down rollercoaster fashion, this smoke went to all the corners of the room. The chaos cleared and the laughter died, Mas found himself looking up at Mrs Mixra, she was severely stony faced.

“You are being serverely marked down for this.” she quipped and swept on, Mas looked mortified. Verance left the lesson with high merits and a smug feeling, it’s a good feeling to know everyone enjoys your jokes. It was unfortunate that Verance was a Highcorridor family member, this meant his ranking was higher (Verance was a good person, he didn’t lord his position about), due to this he didn’t always have to go to classes with the others, in this case he wanted a break and decided to head for the Highcorridor geography class. Getting there was easy, you just took the Highcorrridor’s only corridor, he was running late so the corridor was empty, there was no surveilance and no one around, no good people would witness the upcoming event. Verance heard running footsteps behind him, he turned. Mas was at the end of the corridor,

“Vara!” he shouted pointing, “I know it was you, you’ll pay for this!” Verance started running, there was a whooshing and Mas was in front of him.

“Teleporting, very clever.” said Verance as he tripped over Mas’s foot, Verance’s head hit the cold hard (metal) floor and he blacked out.


    Tom opened his eyes and looked about him, he was in a cul-de-sac and his brain was telling him something hard to grasp, something in the air build-up, that was the hard thing to grasp.

“Oh no, he’s zapped me down to Earth,” moaned Tom out loud, ‘Why did I say that?’ he thought to himself, ‘I must be concussed’ he looked about him “I know exactly where to go”.

He knocked on the door of the house, a girl answered it.

“Hello Tom, good to see you at this time of evening.”

“Sarah, hi, erm…what’s going on?”

“Are you feeling alright Tom?”


“Wait a moment.” said Sarah, she put a hand to an ear piece in her ear, “D.A.T.R say’s there’s a new alien nearby,” there was a pause, “A half alien.”

“That’ll be me then.” sighed Tom,

“I don’t understand it you were completely human earlier.”

“These things happen.”

“I suppose they do, thank goodness I’m used to this, Father’s always got an alien stashed somewhere in the house, will you come in?”

“Er, no actually - nasty thought - back in a minute.” said Tom and he jogged over to his house. He knocked on the door,

“I’ll get it” called a recognisable voice, there was a pause. Another Tom opened the door, quick as a wink Tom knocked him out.

“Is anybody there Tom?” called a woman’s voice,

“No Mum,” answered Tom guessing desperately, “Must have been the wind.”

“Okay, you going out?”

“Yep, I’m going to see Sarah, she won’t mind.” Tom hoisted himself onto his shoulders and went back to Sarah’s, Sarah was still sitting in the open doorway. “I was being watched by this geezer.” pointed Tom

“Gosh,” began Sarah, “It’s like a clone of you, is it alien.”


“I’ll get my special computer to check, come through the doorway,” Tom did so, there was a flash of white light, “Is the clone alien D.A.T.R?” asked Sarah, there was a pause, “The clone is more alien than you, follow me down to the holding cells.” said Sarah. The carpeted staircase before them hinged upwards and they walked down into the holding cells, all the odd alien occupants were mercilessly asleep (unbeknown to the pair they had been knock out gassed) and Tom threw the clone into an empty cell and made sure it was locked. After this they went into the normal kitchen, Sarah’s Father was at the table reading a newspaper. “Tom’s round again Father he’s also alien again.”

“Usually I would be suspicious but I have not forgotten what you did for me and the world a month ago, do what you need to do, I’m not going to stop you.”

“Thank you sir.” said Tom but Sarah butted in,

“Tom, have you still got those shoes?” Tom looked down at his shoes, they were no longer trainers but walking boots and they looked nothing special,

“I don’t know,” he shrugged, “But only one way to find out”.

  They went out into the back garden and Tom aimed himself at the house wall, and ran at it. Tom smashed into the wall and fell back instantly,

“Tom!” screamed Sarah,

“Not too loud dear,” came Sarah’s Father’s voice from the kitchen window, “You’ll annoy the neighbours!”

“I think it is quite clear that these shoes don’t have time travel powers.” quipped Tom picking himself up and marvelling at the fact that none of his bones were broken,

“Do they have any other powers?” asked Sarah,

“Something’s telling me they’re just ordinary shoes.”

“Right, it’s always wise to listen to those internal notions,” mused Sarah then she brightened, “What about your clothes? Maybe you’re jumper, trousers or even your underpants do something unexpected.”

“No, they’re just ordinary clothes, I’m half alien but completely powerless, this time.” Sarah walked to the hedge and looked up at the stars.

“It’s a shame,” she sighed, “I really wanted my alien back.”

There was a loud pop and an obviously one-man spaceship dropped out of the sky, it fell from a hole in the sky and fell from a height of eight feet the only problem was…it fell on Sarah.

“Sarah!” screamed Tom leaping up, Sarah’s Father was at his side as well and at his side was a humanoid with turquoise skin. Sarah’s Father pointed a device at the ship and pressed a button, the ship lifted out of the crater, the humanoid darted in and pulled out Sarah’s crushed remains, Tom tried rushing to help but the humanoid pointed his tongue at Tom and Tom was held back by an invisible force, the humanoid rushed into the house and Tom felt released. People were pouring out of their houses in panic and amazement, the question on everyone’s lips was “what was it”. Sarah’s Father leapt onto the ship and shouted aloud.

“Quiet!’s okay it’s okay, it’s just a luggage trolley from a plane, you have no need to panic, I have called the appropriate people, please, go back to your homes.” Message received, everyone did. In surprise, Tom looked at the ship, it was now, a luggage trolley from an aeroplane, something told him Sarah’s Father had cast a perception filter on the fallen hulk.

  Because everyone left quickly it gave the occupant a chance to get out. Out rolled a scorpion humanoid dressed in a tatted black coat, Sarah’s Father pulled and aimed a gun “Come inside with me alien, you will pay for what you did.”

“Curb your anger sir, I bring a warning,”

“I don’t care, no warnings.”

“Too late, beware the speaker.” hissed the figure, then it rolled its head around and collapsed into dust. “Save’s me doing it.” muttered Sarah’s Father, there was a click as he collapsed his gun and pocketed it. They went into the kitchen, the turquoise humanoid was waiting for them and rose as they entered with a grave look, it spoke instantly,

“Sir, your daughter was very badly crushed, she will die if you do not allow what I have done,”

“What have you done Rimbrant?” sighed Sarah’s father sitting down,

“Sir, I took her below and found myself in one of the tech bunkers and – after seeing - grabbed a nearby alien computer and pushed it into the open stomach of the doomed girl, I was desperate and wasn’t thinking, this is clear sir for I knew not the computers origin and knew not it’s gifts, the computer transformed suddenly on contact with the girls ruined innards I mean it turned into an internal life support machine and structural body supporter,”

“Anything else?”

“The rest of her bones seem to be okay and her face is fine.” there was a pause.

“God dam it Rimbrant, there were internal organ repair guns in there why didn’t you think man! I mean alien!”

“Valentine listen, I was!...”

  Sarah’s Father caught the humanoid in a strangle hold,

“Never address me by my name humanoid or you’ll no longer be on my side,” there was a pause, “I won’t be on yours.”

“Yes sir.” gurgled Rimbrant and Valentine released him.

“Can you remove the device?” asked Valentine,

“Sir, I fear that the device can now not be removed, it’s bonded perfectly…”

“It’s okay sir,” assured Tom, “You’re daughter used to have a machine inside her.”

“What do you mean?” demanded Valentine,

“Well she used to have a machine in her, in fact last time we met she did, obviously something has happened to the time stream, an unavoidable alteration.”

“Did this have anything to do with you?”

“I don’t know, if it did I’m sorry.”

“Well these things happen, I see Rimbrant has gone back to the classified cellar, not to worry, I’ll call a stronger inmate to lift the ship and transport it to a hidden location.” There was a sudden zapping noise from outside, “The ship.” gasped Valentine and Tom looking at each other.

  They ran outside, Ben (Tom and Sarah’s slightly disabeled best friend) was sitting a small distance away from the ship rubbing his head. “Ben are you okay?” checked Valentine,

“Yeah, I’m fine, just touched it and it felt like electricity.”

“Why are you droning?”

“Perhaps it’s some sort of shock sir.”

“Indeed, you head home lad and get in touch with updates if something odd happens. Something nearly always does and we end up living with odd every day.” Ben stood and began to leave “And no more snooping around.” added Valentine in a louder voice.

    ‘This is great,’ thought Tom to himself, (sarcastically) ‘everything’s back to how it was last time and something tells me it shouldn’t be like this, how bothersome.’

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