My Confusing Relationship

Pandora Nephelle Mellark is a nineteen yearold girl with a normal life. At least, it was normal before her and Niall Horan started dating. Then things turned upside down, and she was the second most wanted girl in the land of Directioners, first being her friend, Yasmine Zoe Brooks, Harry's girlfriend.

An one day, when the unimaginable thing happened, her life got even crazier.


3. Chapter Two

Somehow I found my phone and held down the 1 for Yasmine's speed dial. "Hey Panda, what's up?" She asked. "Whe-where ar-e y-you?" I managed between sobs. "Harry's flat."

Harry's flat was a block away from the smoothie place. "K. Can y-you co-come down to the smooth-thie place?" I asked. "Yup, I'm on my way. Is your car there?" "Yea." Was all I could say. "Kk."

The only recogntition that Yasmine had aririved was the soothing hand on my shoulder. My tears were falling endlessly down my face, and I could barely see a thing. But I could just make out Niall finally leaving, still drenched in the smoothie and icecream. Letta was with him, wiping his face with a napkin.

"What happened?" Yasmine had obviously seen them too. I forced my tears away, and said "Niall lied. He cheated on me. When I got there, this girl was with him. He went to get us some smoothies, and I asked the girl who she was. She said her name was Letta, and her and Niall were dating, they just hadn't let it reach Twitter or the public." "That is horrbile!" Yasmine screeched. I looked up for the first time.

Yasmine's hair was in hanging around her face, and she was wearing a rainbow sundress. She had flip flops on her feet, and her nails were painted black. "Most of all, I just can't believe he would do that to me. I thought he liked me." I sighed.

Yasmine made we switch to the passenger side so she could drive me home, since I was crying again. I pulled out my phone and looked on Twitter. There were tons of posts. There was oe of me dumping smoothie on Niall's head, and one of me in my car, crying my eyes out.

I refreshed the page, and a new picture popped up, It was posted 5 seconds ago, and it was of me and Yasmine staring down at my phone. I looked up and tried to spy out the tweeter. They had to be fairly close, since you could easily see the Twitter app on my phone.

I saw a girl with black hair sitting on the curb right beside the car. Her iPhone was out, on Twitter. I got out and tapped her shoulder. "Get a video of this." I said. Blackie went to recording, and clicked play. "Stop the crap. I don't care. If Niall was that rude, I'm glad to be over him. Post what you want, I don't care. But, remember, the Interent is permanent, and if you have a change of heart later, you won't be able to truly get your bad posts of the web."

Blackie stopped the recording and posted it. I got back into my car and checked my phone. '1D'sGurlDede' had just poste the video. There were millions of responses already,  some saying 'IDC GO AWAY YOU IDIOT YOU DUMPED A SMOOTHIE ON NIALLS HEAD FACE IT UR GONNA BE HATED ON DUMBO' and a few said things like 'Shes got a point. I get why she di it. U guys would all do that if it was some normal guy cheating on you, and One Direction are normal guys after all, and they dont deserve to get away with things like that.' I followed the few people with nice reactions and shut off my phone.

By now we were almost at my house, and as soon as we parked I grabbed my keys from the car and ran to go unlock the door. I locked the door after letting Yasmine in.

We shared a house together, our house was four floors including the basemnt. We had tons of extra space, we only bought it beause, despite it's size, it was the cheapest one we could find.

I went upstairs to my room and hung up my purse in my closet. I changed into some sweats, wanting to get out of the outfit I had so carefully put together for our date. I left my hair up and went downstairs. I poured myself a glass of water and turned to Yasmine.

My two birds, Tangerine and Artist, flew over to me. Artist nearly landd her claws in  Yasmine's hair. "Watch it!" She shrieked. My birds perched on my shoulders, and I giggled at Yasmine. "My little bird minions." I joked. "Ugh, they will claw my eyes out iin my sleep. You just wait." Yasmine said. Artist flew ofmy shoulder and darted to the TV. She perched on the reote, and sh hopped over to the power button.

I sighed and went over and pressed it for her. "She is a weird bird. I mean, seriously, this isn't the first time she's watched TV." Yasmine giggled.

I just sat on the couch and channel surfed to pass some time.





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