My Confusing Relationship

Pandora Nephelle Mellark is a nineteen yearold girl with a normal life. At least, it was normal before her and Niall Horan started dating. Then things turned upside down, and she was the second most wanted girl in the land of Directioners, first being her friend, Yasmine Zoe Brooks, Harry's girlfriend.

An one day, when the unimaginable thing happened, her life got even crazier.


2. Chapter One

I was dead nervous.

Today Niall and I were having our first date. Well not our first. More like our tenth. But it was the first public one. As I pulled up in front of a smoothie place, a wave of terror washed over me. I gasped for air, and opened the car door. I sucked in deeop breaths, and grabbed my black purse.

I straightened my outfit, which was a pair of black leggings, black beautiful heels, and a black top with silver etched designs on it. My hair was in an elegant bun, but the tops, that weren't tied into the scrunchy, were in braids. I described the look as dazzling, and hard to put together.

I took one last deep breath, and walked into the restaraunt.

I looked around, and found Niall sitting at a table in the dead centre of the restaraunt. I also noticed that a girl was sitting right next to Niall, even though there were plenty of other vacant tables.

I walke over to them. "Oh, hi Panda. I'll go get us some smoothies." He said. I turned to the girl. "Who are you?" I demanded. "Oh, I'm Letta. You wouldn't know this, since we've kept it a secret from fans, but Niall and I are dating. We're exclusive." The girl said. "Really?" I asked, no, nearly shouted. "Yup. Nothing but the truth." Letta said, obviously dragging it out in my face, as if she were bragging.

Niall returned with two smoothies. He handed me one, and said "Here you go, Nephelle." Niall gave me a pecl on the lips, but I stood there. I grabbed my smoothie and took a sip. "Mmmm...." I said. I pulled the straw out of the cup, and removed the lid. "You should try some." I said tauntingly, and dumped the smoothie right on his shocked face.

"Don't forget dessert." I added. I grabbed a bowl of abandoned ice cream from a vacant table. I dumped the ice cream on his head, and stormed out, barely holding in tears.

As soon as my car door slammed, the dam broke. Tears washed away all thoughts of driving home and getting over him.

A/N I know this chapter is really short, but I wanted to leave it there. And I know I say that a lot, but that's cause I'm always eager to publish  new movella.


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