My Confusing Relationship

Pandora Nephelle Mellark is a nineteen yearold girl with a normal life. At least, it was normal before her and Niall Horan started dating. Then things turned upside down, and she was the second most wanted girl in the land of Directioners, first being her friend, Yasmine Zoe Brooks, Harry's girlfriend.

An one day, when the unimaginable thing happened, her life got even crazier.


1. Meet the Charecters (BFFs Only)

BFF #1- Nephelle Pandora Smith


Staright blonde hair about elbow length. Bright blue eyes. About 5foot4". Age 19. Pale skin.

Fashions in spring and Summer

Toms, pandora charm bracelets, nail polish, jeggins, leggings, jeans, running shoes, V-neck T-shirts, light sweater.

Fashions in Fall and Winter

Uggs, scarves, pandora charm bracelet, nail polish, jeggings, jeans, long sleeve v-neck shirts, pom pom back hat, button up coat, canada 2012 olympic mittens, ear mufffs.


She all animals, but has a favourite of birds. She loves her family and friends. Mainly independent, except for her one close friend. She can play clarinet. Can be very goofy sometimes, but in other situations she can be very ature and serious. She is the shoulder that is there when you need it.


After mastering clrinet, she tried to learn guitar, but she couldn't do it, so she downsized to ukulele. She is truly fascinated by birds, and she has two of her own, one called Tangarine, being an orange canary, the other named Artist, being a multi coloured pastel canary.


Real name: Nephelle Pandora Smith.
Nicknames: nephie, but her main nickname is Panda.

BFF #2 Yasmine Zoe Brooks


Has curly orange hair the goes to her shoulders. Green eyes. Age 19. About 5foot2". Slightly tanned skin.

Fashions in Winter, Fall, Summer and Spring (She wears the same thing each season to 'Stay true to her own style')

Anything colourful, with a little black nail polish here, or grey errings there.


She always goes with the crowd, but thats not saying much since the only people she talks to are her family, and Nephelle. She is very mature, but when something funny or amusing happens, she'll get very goofy, even if it's the slightest thing.


Full Name: Yasmine Zoe Brooks
Nicknames: Zoe, but her main nickname is Yas-Bear.


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