Damaged- A 1D Fanfic

13 year old Ryleigh Tyler has never had an easy life. She was abused mentally, physically, and sexually by all of her previous foster parents. Now she is in a foster home for about the 15th time. What happens when One Direction comes in and adopts her? Will she finally be happy or as miserable as ever? *This is my story from the Wattpad account, JailinLurvesYou so no stealing unless you want to break the law. I only own Ryleigh Tyler and my other OFCs*


2. The Room


Ryleigh's POV

I knew who these guys were. But they were men. But they are pop sensations! They can't be mean, can they? I was scared out of my mind. I carefully followed Liam into the huge flat they owned. He seemed a bit trustworthy, and kind. He led me up to a room, and opened it. It was totally white, and all the furniture was white, too. I smiled a bit, before walking in. I turned to Liam, and realized the other guys were with him too. I didn't know all of them. I have ehard of their band, but I am not a huge fan.

"We'll paint it and set it up for you soon, ok Ryleigh?", asked the blond one. I nodded and looked down, tucking a strand of hair behind my ear. They came to me and engulfed me in a bear hug, and I stiffened. I wasn't used to men coming close to me. I didn't hug back, but I didn't resist the hug either. Once they let go of me, I gave them an awkward smile and sat down in my bed, and heard them leave. Once they left, I couldn't help it. A sudden flow of tears began going down my cheeks. I was scared, and confused. Why was it always me? A loud sob escaped my lips, and the door opened. I looked up. The blond one was coming towards me. I scooted away, and he came closer. His hand brushed my cheek and wiped away the tears.
"Don't cry.",he said. He had an Irish accent. I looked down. He gave me a hug. To my surprise, I hugged him back. I trust him now.


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