Damaged- A 1D Fanfic

13 year old Ryleigh Tyler has never had an easy life. She was abused mentally, physically, and sexually by all of her previous foster parents. Now she is in a foster home for about the 15th time. What happens when One Direction comes in and adopts her? Will she finally be happy or as miserable as ever? *This is my story from the Wattpad account, JailinLurvesYou so no stealing unless you want to break the law. I only own Ryleigh Tyler and my other OFCs*


1. Adoption


Liam's POV

"Ok, guys you need to choose a girl and then we will pick you up in about an hour. Ok?" Simon Cowell clarified. We all sighed deeply and shook our heads in approval. "Ok, then bye!" Simon yelled as the limo drove off. Simon said we had to adopt a foster child to upgrade our career or something like that.

"Ready lads?" I asked carefully, adjusting my red plaid button up.

"Yeah, let's get this over with. I have a date with Perrie in about an hour." Zayn said in annoyance. We all took big steps as we walked into the huge foster home.

"Hello, welcome to St. Mark's. Your here to adopt right?" The receptionist, Julie, asked.

"Yeah we are." Harry responded quickly.

"Ok, well lets get started." She said simply as she motioned for us to follow her.

*45 minutes later*

Wow, our times almost up and we still have no child. We had seen other kids, but they had looked fake. I was giving up when I saw her. She was cowered up in the corner, her honey brown hair covering her face.

"Who is she?" I asked, pointing to the mystery girl.

"Oh, that is Ryleigh Tyler. She is 13 and has a really bad past." she informed us carefully.

"I like her." Niall stated.

"Me too, Niall." I replied with a smile. "Can we meet her?" I asked, almost begging.

"Sure, misters, follow me." Julie said, with us in tow. "Ryleigh, honey, can you look up for me?" Julie asked sweetly, walking up to her. A collection of gasps filled the room- She was beautiful. She had porcelain-like, blemish free skin, a cute button nose (which was slightly red from crying), big,rare amber colored eyes-framed by long, dark lashes, red lips, and a very noticeable red scar running from under her left eye down to the neckline of her white button up. Her long, honey brown hair draped on her shoulders cascading down her petite frame. She quickly wiped the tears from her eyes when she saw us.

"Y-your One Direction." she replied shocked. I chuckled and replied, "Yeah we are. Are you a fan?" I asked sweetly.

"Yeah. I had your albums on my phone and my iPod." she replied, looking into her lap nervously.

"Boys, can I talk to you for a minute?" Julie asked, seriously.

"Ok, come on lads." I said while following her out of the room. We all circled Julie while she opened her mouth to speak.

"Well, Ry is nervous around you boys because when Ry was younger, she was abused emotionally, psychically, and sexually by her real parents. Then she came here and stayed for a while. She got adopted about 15 times, but she would always come back, bruised and bloody. When she was 12, she was beat and stabbed by her foster dad and was left in an alley way to die. That girl is very strong and you need to take good care of her ok?" she said to us, pleading. We all stood in shock, still processing the information.

"Ok, we will. When do we take her home?" Louis asked her.

"Now, if you want." she responded as she walked to her office. She walked back out and walked into Ryleigh's room. The lads and I gave them a minute alone until we saw Julie walk out with a sad smile on her face.

"Are you ready to go?" I asked Ryleigh, sweetly as she grabbed her red duffle bag.

"Y-yes sir." she responded nervously.

"Oh, it's ok. You can call is by our first names, sweetie." I replied nicely as I took her bag.

"O-ok, Liam." she said as she followed us to the car, hair flowing in the wind. I smiled at her as we got to the car and drove towards our flat. I just wish that I could just break her out of her little shell.


So, what did you guys think? Please comment below to tell me how to improve etc and give me your honest opinion! Fan, comment, etc! xx Jailin

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