I did love you.

This is the letter that Emelie left behinde for her fiancé when she left him the day before there weeding... ♥


1. One shot...


Dear Don. My sweet sweet Don.


You should know that I loved you, once. I did. I really did love you, and at some point I really wanted to do this, but I just aren’t that girl any more. 

I hope this will help you understand why I decided I couldn’t get thru this day.

I just can’t live on this lie?

I think it’s a year since I stopped, stopped loving you and stopped caring about my own feelings, just stopped being me. Then I started being that girl you always wanted, that perfect size 36 girl who has it all, you know what I mean.

But that was never the truth. And I think that you somehow knew it? I never had it all.

We never had it all.

Of course I might have had the perfect figure, white teeth, a wardrobe to die for, a riche fiancé and a baby on the way. But it was only the outside?

Cause, honestly, we were never that great a couple. We fought, all the time, and I know that I can be a pain in the ass, but so can you. And that’s our problem, were too alike.

I remember that morning, almost a year ago, I came down stairs and the baby started kicking for the first time. I looked at you and smiled, I remember the exact words you said after I told you.

“Now we are going to be together for life. Nothing can change the fact that this, right here, is yours and mine. And no one ore nothing will ever get between us baby” It was somewhere in that sentence that I realized that I didn’t love you anymore.  The words ate me from the inside and out, and thank good that I got this out now, because if I had hold this in any more I don’t know what will happen.

And Don, I’m sorry. I’m sorry that you need to read this, because you’re great, the greatest, but just not my greatest. Some girl will be happy being with you and that girl will be so lucky and feel so special, but Don you know that aren’t me.

Try to understand, please? I beck you.

Remember Suzy and Amber being so jealous of us. Of what they thought we had, that perfect little bobble, this was while Suzy and Amber were both single and both so desperate. They told me that if we ever split up they would go for it. Great friends I have there. I don’t think I will be seeing them after this.

Unless you choose to go out whit them, because I still want to be a part of your life, don’t miss understand this!

I’m taking Ben whit me, of course we need to figure this out. I’m not taking him from you, I just need to have someone right now, we both know that Suzy and Amber won’t be there and he is only nine month old.

I still want to find some way to figure this out. But I can’t be your fiancée ore your wife for that sake.

If you want to contact me I am at my sisters in Illinois, I promise I’ll take care of Ben. You know that I love him.

His is the hardest decision I ever have made, but it’s the right thing to do. I don’t want Ben to grow up whit out any love around him.


With love and respect, you’re Emelie.

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