Fagin Barns love story

I comb my knotty ash blonde hair and put it in braids. "Ok Fagin you can do this. You can make it through seventh grade." I spoke to myself. "Oh maybe I'll be in the same class as Jillian!" I thought aloud. "Honey are you talking to yourself again?" My mother grace asked. "Maybe." She rolled her eyes. "Hurry mom I'm gonna be late!" I screamed. We rushed to the car and she drove me to school.

When I got to school I kissed her on the cheek and ran off.


2. Love note

The next day was a Saturday. I put on my shorts and tank top threw my hair in a bun and called bailey. My house Doesn't have service Inside so I had to go outside. While I was talking I was messing with the plants on the porch an I found another note. I told bailey to come right away. I told her everything from when I woke up till I went to bed. "Woah woah woah back up! Jullian likes me!?" "Did I say that?" "You most defiantly did! I can't believe this!" "Ok bailey. Focus on my notes." "My brothers great with analyzing we could take it to him!" "Ok!" I always liked her older brother Franklin. We were car pulled by baileys mother Suzan. "Hi Franklin!" I greeted him when I walked in. Franklins only year older than me. He's fourteen. "Hi Fagin. Whatcha need?" "We'll I'm getting these love letters from somebody and I wanted to know if you could help me out." "Sure." After twenty minutes of waiting me and bailey went off to play her wii. Two hours later Franklin came down and said, "Sorry I can't identifye the writing kid." "Oh. Well thanks anyway. I decided to just head home. Mrs Krause brought me home and I crawled in bed.
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