Fagin Barns love story

I comb my knotty ash blonde hair and put it in braids. "Ok Fagin you can do this. You can make it through seventh grade." I spoke to myself. "Oh maybe I'll be in the same class as Jillian!" I thought aloud. "Honey are you talking to yourself again?" My mother grace asked. "Maybe." She rolled her eyes. "Hurry mom I'm gonna be late!" I screamed. We rushed to the car and she drove me to school.

When I got to school I kissed her on the cheek and ran off.


3. Hearts

I woke up early to get the newspaper. When I got out of bed I opened my window blinds. I was about to walk away until I saw some kid with chalk making a heart with my name in it along with a question mark. I ran downstairs to try and see who it was. When I flung the door open he bolted I tried to read the word on his jacket. I think it said blue dolphin.

The next day at school I was walking through the hallway looking for bailey to tell her what happened yesterday. When I was looking I saw the kid that bolted from my house with the pink dolphin jacket on. I poked him and said, "excuse me h-" I froze in shock. Franklin! No impossible he doesn't like me like that! Does he?
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