Fagin Barns love story

I comb my knotty ash blonde hair and put it in braids. "Ok Fagin you can do this. You can make it through seventh grade." I spoke to myself. "Oh maybe I'll be in the same class as Jillian!" I thought aloud. "Honey are you talking to yourself again?" My mother grace asked. "Maybe." She rolled her eyes. "Hurry mom I'm gonna be late!" I screamed. We rushed to the car and she drove me to school.

When I got to school I kissed her on the cheek and ran off.


1. First day of school

I comb through my knotty ash brown hair then put it in two braids. "Alrighty Fagin you can do this. You can Mage it through seventh grade." I thought. "Oh! I hope that Jullian is in my class this year!" I thought aloud. "Honey? Are you talking to yourself again?" My mother Grace asked. "Maybe." She just rolled her eyes. When I was finished getting ready I ran downstairs. "Hurry mom we don't want to be late!" I grabbed her arm and we rushed to the car.

When we got to the school I kissed my mom on the cheek and ran out the door. When I got to my class I sat in a random seat and waited. "Good morning class I am your hometown teacher ms. Loral. Take your seats and sit quietly until everyone gets here." I looked around and saw no sign of Jullian. I let out a big sigh and took a seat next to my best friend, bailey. "Hi!" She screeched. "I missed you so much!" "Yeah me too." I said stupidly. There was one seat left and it was beside me. A kid walked in. He was so handsome! With his flipped hair and tan skin. I sort of drooled until I heard the teachers whistle. I wiped my mouth. "Alright were ever you are sitting that is your permanent seat till further notice. The handsome kid that sat next to me held out his hand. "Hi. I'm Jullian." Oh my god! I didn't know that was Jullian he looks completely different. But I do too! I got bangs striated my hair completely forever but I'm wearing it in a braise and I got my natural hair back! "Hello?" "Oh sorry just thinking." "Anyway you remind me of a girl I once had a crush on. Her name was... Was... Bailey I think." My hopes went to far he didn't love me. He loved my best friend. There's no way I'm telling her! All of a sudden a note plopped on my desk. I looked around no one was acting suspicious! I unfolded it and a rose pedal fell out. A long poem about me had been written on it. I thought for a minute. Oh my gosh I have my own stalker! I screamed in my head with exitment. That means that somebody in my class likes me! Oh yeah baby that's right fagins got a "stalker!" I screamed. Apparently I said the word stalker out loud and everybody panicked. They thought I was pulling a joke so I was sent to the principals and had to stay in school suspension (INS) for the rest of school.
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