The Perfect Man

This is a One Direction fan-fiction
It's about Louis <3


1. The beach

It was a bright summers morning, and I was leaning on the balcony of the beach house my newlywed husband, Louis, had bought me. After a few seconds had past I felt a pair of strong arms lift me up and spin me around. "Morning my beautiful angel", Louis said with a smile on his face, I buried my face in his chest so he wouldn't see me blush. After all that we had been through together he still knew how to make me speechless. "Morning babe", I managed to say after a little while "what do you want for breakfast?", I said, "oh why don't we take a walk down the beach and see if there's any good breakfast bars? I'm not having you cooking all the time, it's not fair", I held back a smile and tryed to play it cool "fine, but you're not going outside looking like that!", I looked him up and down taking in his appearance. He had on only a pair of red silk boxers with Stewie Griffin off of Family Guy on them, "what's wrong with what I'm wearing?", he asked sounding almost offended, "wow, so you're telling me your going to walk down the Beach in underwear?". He had a puzzled expression on his face,"guess you're right, go outside and I'll meet you by the water." You stood on your tipy-toes and gave him a little kiss on the cheek "don't be too long", you whispered to him, you started to walk outside and a few minutes past and still no Louis. You were about to go back inside and look for him when suddenly two strong arms picked you up and jumped in the water, it was Louis and he was laughing his head off and then he slowly reached forward for a long and passionate kiss. <3
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