Take me once, shame on you. Take me twice....

After being bullied and beaten for 16 years, Lanaka had enough. One day she tries somthing stupid, does she survive?


1. How it all started.

My Bloody alarm went off. Woohoo. School. Note the sarcasm. I groaned and slung my legs over the bed. I trudged into the bathroom and stripped, checking my wounds. Let's see..... Cut on my arm from being pushed down stairs, healing up nicely. Scar on my back, visible and bloody painful as always. Initals engraved into my wrist still there, never able to go away, too deep. Bruises all up and down my entire body. I groaned and ran a shower. Daily routine, 2 shampoo 3 conditioner. Once i hopped out I quickly dried my short black hair with the bright blue highlight. It only ended up at my chin. I added lots of hair spray. I then did my makeup. I am incredibly pale, as pale as a vampire. I added my foundation, covered my bruises with concelear and started my eves. Eyeliner pencil then heavily go over with liquid liner, finish off with five coates of different mascaras. Yes, I am an emo. Yes, I do cut. No, I don't care that people know I'm emo, as long as the dont know my secrets. The cutting is one of them. I went into my bedroom and dressed in my black skinny jeans, Black top which said ' rebel love' and converse. I ran out the door with my backpack on so I missed my ' uncle' I ran to school.




I got pushed up on my locker. " Here's the Brat herself! We were going to have some fun, Weren't we Florecent?" I glared at Maddy and Florecent, my main bullies. " just go and bully someone else why dont ya?" I shoved pas t them. The day was over. I headed to the playground. People cornered me. Maddy came into the ring, just as people started to chant ' fight'. I narrowed my eyes at her. " you planned this all, didn't you, you little Bitch?" The whole crowd gasped. " okay, I have held this in since Day one, this is coming to get ya now Maddy." I slowly put my bag down on the floor and looked in her direction out of the corner of my eye. She was stood, smirking at me. Quicker than she knew, I punched her in the mouth. She stumbled back, trying not to cry. I kicked her in the stomach as a crowd of 'ooh's ' Went through the crowd. I got on top of her and repetadly punched the in the nose. I got of and retrived my bag, then headed of home.




" Your late." I quickly made my way into the room. " Sorry daddy, A girl wanted a fight and cornered me." He looked at me and smirked. " Did ya giver her what for?" I nodded. He laughed. " good girl. Make me a cup of tea. No sugar today, I feel sweet enough already." I laughed fakley at his silly joke. I finished his tea, Brining it into the room. " Where do you want it daddy?" "Over there." I placed it on the table, then headed to my room. " Where are you going?" " to my room, I have homework Daddy." He trapped me in my room. Oh no. Not today. " No your not, you know Tuesdays my day." He Pushed me on the bed and unbuclked my belt. I Led there silently crying, which earnt me a punch in the gut. " Stay there. " He went and got a camera, put it on. " This is for later. Today You please me. " Let the torment begin.

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