Elevea's Child

*Opening of the Elevea trilogy* In the ancient land of Elevea, the people of Hinnid have been surviving for a century after the rise of the Vanus (half-beings). Now, the Vanus are gathering in greater numbers than ever before, and Hinnid calls upon the help of the ancient magic protectors of Elevea, the Pistos, to help in the fight to survive.


4. Map of Elevea

Here is a map I've put together of the Land of Elevea. I hope you find it interesting! You can see where Hinnid is, Astaj (where they stop off on the way) and their final destination, with its proper name, Urm Brayo (the tower of the Pistos). The Selkin Mountains mark the border to Elevea with the Great Forest in front of them. You can see in the South East the ancient city of Groll, which used to be the main city in Elevea, the equivalent to the capital, but it is now abandoned. On the South coast Renni, Quilmaniral and the Brayer Hills don't really come into Elevea's Child,  but may pop up in the sequels I have planned ;)

The whole of Elevea is about the same size as England to give you an idea of scale and beyond the Selkin Mountains is the land of Nith which is basically the rest of the world. Nith shut off Elevea when the Vanus broke out and Elevea has been forgotten about by the rest of the world ever since, and vice versa. There is in fact a great wall running along the Selkin Mountains which no one really knows about.


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