Talulah has had a up and down life. Now her parents have moved her to a new country away from her best friend Lucy. How can she cope?! But these dreams of him keep on coming to Talulah. Gram, the voodoo grandma, shows Talulah a life she may have if he will let her. Signs keep on showing up to Talulah of a lover who will change her life. But all she needs is for him to show up!
Will he show up? Or will Talulah have to give up on him eternity.


2. Tarots


‘Gram you’re freaking me out. I need to go; do you want a drink or something?’

‘Yes dear that would be lovely. Don’t be freaked out dear. I will explain later.’

I headed to the door and Gram shouted ‘Stay!’ I turned back around. She was looking at the empty space again. Okay....weird. I left the room, her light voice mumbled out of the room. The kitchen was empty. I got Gram water and me an apple. If I keep on eating fruit I will be stick thin! I need some chips in me!

I entered the room again, the air was freezing cold. A puff of smoke floated in the space in front of me. Clenching my arms around my body I went and sat down in my seat. Suddenly a gust of wind blew me of my feet. I landed on the ground with a thump.


There were no open windows or doors, so how could it be so cold and windy. Looking around I also noticed Gram was not present anymore.

‘Gram?’ I called out, no answer.

I stood up and brushed myself down. Where is she? I poked my head out of the door, no Gram. This was getting weird. First of all Gram suddenly decided to come do a reading for me, then she started talking to...nothing and now she has disappeared.

‘Mum! Where’s Gram?’ I shouted out the door. She might be with mum.

My mother walked down out of the washroom, a pile of clothes in her hand. She frowned again.

‘I thought she was with you.’

‘No... well yes. I went to go get a drink, she was acting weird so I thought I would go get a drink for her-‘

‘What do you mean ‘acting weird’?’ Mum stood in front of me now, the pile of clothes were on the floor and her hands were on her hips.

‘Well she was about to do my reading when she sort of zoned out.’ My mother nodded. ‘She then started to talk, I thought she was talking to me but when I looked at her she was looking at an empty space. Whoever she was talking to they were arguing with her. That is when I left to get a drink, I came back and...She was gone. The room was icy cold like winter had struck in that one room. A gust of wind blew through the room knocking me to the ground.’ I paused for a breath; mum was frowning so much you could hardly see her eyes. ‘What do you think has happened?’

‘I don’t know dear but I am going to find out.’ Just as mum bent down to retrieve the pile, a huge BANG echoed in the foyer.

We both ran to see Gram sat in the middle of the foyer a bit ruffled.

‘Mother! What are you doing?’ My mum shouted as she helped Gram up.

Grams clothes were a bit singed and her white hair was tangled into a ball. She brushed herself down and faced me.

‘Talulah,’ she smiled. ‘I have many things to tell you. Do forgive me for giving you a fright.’ She had already guided me out of the foyer into the icy room. It was now back to its normal temperature and there were no icicles in sight. We sat back down in our seats.  Gram held my hands tight I could see my skin start to turn the colour blue.

‘Erm Gram, can you maybe be less tight.’ Her eyes looked down at our inclined hands. I felt them loosen as she closed her eyes. All of the tarot cards were still face down on the table.

‘Pick a card.’ I looked down at the pile. They were all beautifully scripted. The backs had flowers, such as tulips, wrapped around vines with prickles. A sun was in each corner of the cards. Which one to choose? I hovered over two which were closet to me, Gram squeezed my hand and let go. I picked up the first one: clouds were placed around the edges in the middle stood a male angel. His muscles were hard and he had bronzy coloured hair. He looked a lot like the man in my dreams but better. I turned it to my Gram, her face lit up.

‘This means Protection or the Messenger. Angels are the messengers of God. God has sent them to protect you. Some are close and some are distant. They watch over you every night protecting you from danger. Sometimes this danger is you. You need to let them help instead of forcing them away. Does this mean anything to you?’ Gram looked into my eyes she saw nothing. I have never felt protected in fact I felt the complete different. I used to always get hurt like falling over or breaking a bone. I don’t see these angels helping me. They don’t even help my emotions. I have come home so many times, crying because of horrible girls at school. Or sometimes me and Lucy falling out.

I shook my head my Gram sighed and gestured towards the cards. I didn’t really take notice as I picked the next card up. It all started to feel stupid. I observed the card, my heart started to race. I felt beads of sweat fall down my face. The death card. I always shuddered when I saw this one. Hoping it would never be me who would pick that. But it must have been a mistake I never took notice when I chose it. The card had a dark figure with a hood covering its head.  A sharp scythe was placed in his grasp, the Grim Reaper.

My Gram looked at me confused. Her fingers wrapped around the card, gently pulling it from my grasp. She turned it over, her face was not fazed she just held a knowing look. Nodding she placed it on the table.

‘This of course is the Death card. I know you seem concerned but you don’t know this is aimed at you. Someone close or not could be affected by this. It is either: old age, illness or murder. The Death card does not explain a lot. Yes it explains someone or something may die but it never aims it at anyone. It could be your postman or pet fish. Do not worry about that card, it is silly really.’ I guess that sort of helped but I don’t want someone dying close to me. In fact I would rather it be me then them. I tried to shake the card out of my memory but it kept coming back. I picked two more cards which were The Sun and The Star. They meant that I am fun and hopeful. I guess that means a bit to me. I had fun in the past with Lucy and I am hopeful to see her again.

‘One more card dear.’ Gram said. Good so I can get out of here. This has not helped me one bit it has just scared me really. I picked another one of the tarots. Turning it over, I let out a gasp the Love card. On it were Adam and Eve standing either side of the card. Above them was an angel granting them their love. Along the bottom were the words ‘The Lovers’ Butterflies climbed up my spine. Finally something good.

Gram reached out for the card. Her olive fingers curled around the card she gave a quick look and nodded.

‘This is what I came for.’


©Copyright Samantha Hallwood

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