Talulah has had a up and down life. Now her parents have moved her to a new country away from her best friend Lucy. How can she cope?! But these dreams of him keep on coming to Talulah. Gram, the voodoo grandma, shows Talulah a life she may have if he will let her. Signs keep on showing up to Talulah of a lover who will change her life. But all she needs is for him to show up!
Will he show up? Or will Talulah have to give up on him eternity.


3. Signs


I looked at Gram. I don’t understand, did she know I was going to pick that card? Is this all she came for to inform me of The Lover card. She could have just told me instead of me going through it all.

‘Gram, you could off just told me. I wouldn’t have had to go through all of that.’ I frowned at her. She made me pick them cards instead of just telling me!

Her pearl earrings wiggled as she shook her head. ‘No, no I could not have just told you. I could have got it wrong and disappointed you. I had feeling you may of picked it but I was still unsure. Now I know I was right and I can tell you why I let you have the reading.’ She grasped my hand yet again. ‘Now dear I know about your dreams you have been having lately. Yes you told me a bit about them but I knew before. You see I have a connection as you may or may not know. This connection is with...I guess another dimension. Now you may think I am weird so don’t run away screaming. This is the truth and yes it may hurt but you need to know...before... Just you need to know. ‘Before what? What’s going to happen? ‘Right, these dreams are about a male and female. Am I correct?’ I nod my head. ‘Good, now this couple are in love aren’t they?’


‘But of course you have no idea who they are. This woman does she change her appearance a lot?’

‘Yes, Gram where is this heading to?’

‘Shh let me finish! This couple have a connection with you and you don’t know why. But I do.’

My head shot up, how does she know? Are they actually real? Walking the same streets I have. No they can’t of they seem to be from different eras. Not from the 20th century, actually only a few are.

Gram chuckles. ‘You seem confused dear I will carry on. So they are in love but this woman seems to die all the time. But then she comes back with a different appearance and it all goes back to normal. This male he stays the same, very handsome bronze coloured hair hard muscles.  I am getting this right aren’t I?’

I nod again.

‘This couple are real. They are deeply in love and can’t be broken-‘

‘So why do I dream about them? I have never met them!’

‘Patience my dear I will get to that. You know earlier when I zonked out I was talking to someone. This someone was that male his name is Mason. In fact he is here right now, watching over us. Does that remind you of that card The Messenger?’

‘Yes, but I can’t see this...Mason.’

‘I know dear, he won’t let you. He will only let you when he wants to. He is very ignorant you see. You know I vanished today well I went to go see him at his home. He was not very happy with me for giving you the reading. But he let me gradually. So this reading will explain some of the dreams and things that are going to happen. You need to figure them out yourself. Now grab my coat I am going. I will leave this book with you for a tiny bit of help.’

She layed the book on the, already full, table. It was leather bound and had a gold clasp on the side. The cover was battered and the colour was wearing away. There was curly writing inked at the top it read ‘The Understandings of Tarots by Elizabeth Downing.’ I touched its spine it felt dry, it made me shudder. Why do I have to read this?

Gram left after 4pm reminding me to read the book. I will be starting school tomorrow and I particularly don’t want more work to do. Leaving the book in my bedroom I went downstairs for tea. Everyone was sat at the table as I entered the dining room. Plates of spaghetti were placed in our allocated seats. I took my seat and dug in.

Just as I took my first bite my mother cleared her throat. I looked up at her, she had that stern look on her face again.

‘Whatever Gram said today I want you to forget, she talks a lot of nonsense.  I don’t want you to get frightened over it. Voodoo or whatever it is called is a whole lot of ridiculous nonsense that makes no sense. So please dear do not take it personally.’ Her eyebrows knitted together the stern look disappeared all what was there was concern.

‘Trust me mum I don’t believe in any of it. So don’t worry about me, any of you.’ I looked round at my dad and brother. Max kept a poker face. I really wish he would go back to his normal self. My shoulders slumped as I picked at my food. Just then a warm pressure layed upon my shoulder, I looked behind me but no one was there. It felt good actually familiar. I leaned into it but suddenly it was not there. I frowned. A soft chuckle echoed in my ear. I smiled to myself that reminds me of him....Mason.

©Copyright Samantha Hallwood

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