One Way or Another

Sutton is your average 17 year old. From the outside she seems to live a decEnt life. But she has a dark past revolving around her mother and her ex. Once she gets the chance to meet her idols One Direction, with her closest friend. Will love find its way in between two individuals, both with dark past?


1. The news and the dream.

*Ring Ring* What does she want now? I knew Jessica was calling, she ALWAYS does this. "Hello?" I say answering the phone half asleep. "YOU WILL NEVER BELIEVE WHAT JUST HAPPENED!" she yells into the phone practically busting my eardrums, and making me jump. "OWW, and what's so important at 3:00 in the morning? You know i need my sleep" "Sorry, but do you remember that contest we entered about a month ago?" "The one direction one?" Yes....." "No.. this can not be real.. did we win?" "Well...." "WELL WHAT?" I was starting to get mad, she knows how much i love one direction. "Sutton, I was playing with you.. WE WON!" At that instant i screamed, and my hand flew up covering my mouth, remembering what time it was. My dad came racing in, so I quickly hid my phone under the sheets. "What's wrong Sutton? Are you okay?" He quickly asked with the most terrified expression on his face. "Yes dad, I'm sorry for screaming, it was just a nightmare." "Do you want to talk about it?" "No I'm fine." "Okay then go back to bed, good night." "Night." With that my dad left the room shutting the door behind him. I pulled my phone from under the sheets, and to my surprise Jessica was still on the other line. "Hey that was a close one, well im going to continue with my sleep, I'M SO EXCITED!" "ME TOO! Talk to you later, bye. "Bye." I hung up the phone. Was this really happening? Am I dreaming? With all these thoughts racing through my mind I could hardly sleep. Just thinking about it made me smile, but i was also nervous. What do I say to them? Eventually I drifted off to sleep. *My Dream* " NO GET AWAY FROM ME JUSTIN! MOM WHY?" My mother lunged at me knife in hand. The knife went straight into my shoulder making me weak in the knees. I fell to the ground and watched both of them walking away, the two people i loved the most leaving me here to die. *End of Dream* I woke up gasping for air feeling my shoulder. My fingers ran across the scar, yes it did happen in real life. I get the same dream all the time. The dream that reminds me of the horrible past behind my scar. I looked at the clock it read 6:23. Time to get up.
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