Princess and the Pop Star

I was rushed out of the kingdom when they found out the enemies were in the castle. I didn't even say goodbye to my mother or father because I was in such danger. Now my royal guards say I have to lay low and stay in a land called England
And act like a normal teenage girl.


2. The white room

Alissa's P.O.V
I woke up looking at my body seeing if I was harmed in any way, I was not thank god but I was tied up. Looking at my surroundings I was in a really bright lighted room that was all white and had no exits. All the sudden their was a opening in the rooms wall and a man came out dressed in a tux he was muscular and was bald. " where am I" I said without thinking he said nothing and left, I'm starting to think these people like to say nothing. All the sudden the wall opened back up again but this time it wasn't the same person it was my old royal guard that I never trusted and I see why. He came in wearing a tux also he had a serious face on like he was about to do business. " we'll well well " he said with now a smirk. " we'll what" I said so confused. " Princess Alissa I have a offer to make you and I think you will agree . " what is this offer" I said hesitantly " you must pretend to be a teenage girl in a land called England and you must kill a man with the name of Zayn Malik". I gasped at what he offered me " no I won't kill a man for you even if you do kill me I don't care I just won't". " we'll I guess you will do it then because I'm not goin to kill if you don't do it I will kill all the people you love including your parents, we will kill them slowly and painfully and we will record their screams out for help and make you listen to them over and over again". " stop" I finally said " just stop ill do it but only if you don't kill my parents" I said while sobbing. He smirked gruesomely, " I knew you would understand with my little pep talk, now here's a picture of your target that you must kill. I looked at the picture I saw a guy with black hair spiked up with a blonde streak in the spike and he had these light brown eyes that just made you want to stare at them all the time. " now you must get your makeover" I looked him confused" why do I need a makeover" " because some people might recognize you from your tv apperences".

Authors Note: hey you guys I want say that I made a writing plan I will be posting every Friday and thank for my one fan and the one fan who was the only one who commented i forgot ur username im so sorry really I will talk to you people's later sorry the chapter is so short writers block love all me fans or one fan bye
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