Princess and the Pop Star

I was rushed out of the kingdom when they found out the enemies were in the castle. I didn't even say goodbye to my mother or father because I was in such danger. Now my royal guards say I have to lay low and stay in a land called England
And act like a normal teenage girl.


3. Makeover

Alissa's P.O.V
I was taken out of the white room by the wall entrance and I walked into this private salon I guess was for me. " sit down" he said roughly at me I followed his directions reluctantly." Now wait for the stylist and don't think of escaping their are security cameras all around" he said and then he walked to another hidden exit that was through the wall. Their was a bright light shining at my face and a big mirror in the front of my. I was startled by a man dressed in unusual clothes and a loud high pitched voice. " helloooooo darling my name is Sam. " he said enthusiastically." Hi my name is Alissa Elizabeth Brenardy". " oooooo fancy name" he said. " now lets get started on your hair we are going to die it black and your tips blonde to make you fit in alright" ok" I said, he headed me over to the sink to dye my hair I was going to miss my brown locks but I have to let them go and I trusted this man he seemed nice and happy.

Zayn's P.O.V I was so hyper at the moment and I needed to get it out so I decide to call the boys and ask if they wanted to go to the club tonight.
O hey man wats up
Zayn:I was wondering if u and the guys wanted to go to the club tonight to have some fun and take a break
Harry: yea sure the usual club
Zayn: yup same as always
Harry: alright man see u there at 9 bye
Zayn: bye
Yes alright it's 7:45 right now so I got some time to get ready. I went into my bedroom closet so I can look for something to wear. Finally after 10 minutes I found the perfect outfit to get a girl tonight. A turquoise dress shirt with a black sleek and shiny vest with a red rosé on it. I felt satisfied with so I went into my bathroom to take a shower. I stripped down my clothes and turned on the water but I had to wait for it to heat up so I stood in front of my mirror and looked at my self. " o yea who the Bradford bad boy I am who's got the most swag In the world I do" I started to pose and make some sexy faces in the mirror. I then heard chuckling behind me and saw the boys. I quickly changed my expression into anger " who's the most dumbest person in the world zayn is" said Louis while laughing his but off I looked at him with a death glare and he just laughed some more. " how did u get in here" I asked angrily " the door was unlocked " said Harry with a cheeky smile
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