Macey Clarke The Love Guru...

Geeky shy Lucas Moregrove comes to Macy Clarke love guru, match maker, relationship oracle on advice for how to impress a girl he likes - Claire Ashford what Macy calls 'I'm in a band' popular. But what happens when Macy falls in love and Lucas who's meant to be 1% compatible according to her Love Calculator


2. Two

“Hello Lucas!” Macey said. She wore her usual weekend clothes, pumps and a flouncy floral dress but she wore her masquerade mask, for work of course. Lucas groaned, it was 10AM, too early for him on a Saturday.

“How did you find out where I live?”

“Your friends are so helpful they gave me your address and phone number,” Macey said smiling.

“You have my phone number, you have my phone number,” Lucas sighed as Macey invited herself into his house. Lucas was baffled at how Riley could have so freely given this strange girl his contact details, without him so much as knowing her name.

“What a day I have planned, we can go Claire watching and shopping and-” Macey started but Lucas interrupted.

Look, whatever your name is, love guru, I have things to do and this whole idea was a big mistake, so I think it's best you just left,” Lucas said shooing her out the front door. He shut the door sighing in relief. That was easier than I thought it would be, he thought to himself but Macey had other ideas. Whilst Lucas shuffled back up the stairs towards his bed, Macey looked up at Lucas's house to see an open window. And then she saw a drain pipe running along the side of the house, she didn't think twice. She grabbed it and began to climb the side of the house unbeknown to Lucas who lay in his bed slowly drifting back to sleep.

“Hi Lucas!” Macey said and Lucas's eyes snapped open as he saw her inches away from his face, in his bedroom. He screamed.

“What, what... WHAT?” He spluttered.

“Don't worry Lucas, your not the first of my clients to have RA,” Macey said sympathetically. Lucas' mouth still hung open,he wasn't entirely sure how Macey was in his room right then.

“RA, relationship anxiety? Not to worry when I'm done with you not even Claire will be good enough for you!” Macey reassured.

“How did you, how did you get into my house?” Lucas shrieked, he had finally found his voice again and he wasn't happy.

“There's something you should know about me Lucas, as your love guru I will do whatever it takes to get you a date with Claire and if it means climbing up a drainpipe then so be it!” Macey explained, it was simple in her eyes but Lucas was baffled and slightly scared.

She flung open the wardrobe and clothes began flying from it.

“No,” Macey said as she chucked aside one of Lucas' favorite tops.


“Definitely not!” Macey gasped. Okay it was a top with a picture of a banana on it but Lucas still loved it.


“Why don't you have any T-shirts in any colour but black?” Macey sighed.

“Hey, I have navy blue T-shirts, well a navy T-shirt!” Lucas said defensively.

Superman, seriously?the only coloured shirt you have has superman all over it!” Macey sighed, it just wasn't good enough, Lucas was giving her nothing to work with. She flung it at his head, it would have to do, for now. Then she started her search for a nice pair of trousers but she didn't really have much choice, there were black jeans, black jeans and oh, some more black jeans. Macey shook her head at Lucas in pity.

“What? So I have a style I like to stick with, shoot me!” Lucas said in defensively. Lucas didn't know the first thing about fashion and he only brought clothes when he needed to.Macey picked up a half ripped T-shirt but Lucas clutched it defensively  He was going to stitch it up, eventually. When he learnt how to sew without getting a needle stuck in his finger.

“Just put these on, I really won't be able to look at you until we go shopping!” Macey sighed, she was amazed. Lucas had no sense of style, Macey couldn't wait until she'd introduced him to pastels.

Ten minutes later Lucas walked down the stairs towards a dissatisfied Macey but he couldn't care less. The 'love guru' had just broken into his house and raided his wardrobe, he was dissatisfied too. Macey looked down at his shoes, his trade mark red converses.

“No, no, no, absolutely not, I refuse!” Lucas said walking out the door before she could wrestle them off his feet.

Lucas' stomach began grumbling. He looked back towards his house but Macey shook her head.

“We'll stop by Starbucks, there isn't time to go back,” Macey said grabbing his sleeve and pulling him along the road. After getting some breakfast they soon came to the old park. Lucas knew it well, he used to go there every weekend but it was redecorated and all the popular's started crowding it. Lucas stopped coming, he didn't fit anymore. The squeaky swings and the dented round about made the deserted park perfect for Lucas but it wasn't like that anymore.

“Why are we here?” Lucas asked.

“Because Claire's here, duh!” Macey said, to her it was obvious, she did say they were going Claire watching.

“You know I think I should go, this was a bad idea, a really bad idea-” Lucas began, as he walked away.

“Oh no you don't!” Macey interrupted, yanking him behind a bush, “Look here they come.”

Claire and her friends walked by them, Lucas and Macey invisible behind the thick leaves of the bushes. Lucas watched Claire glide past them, her golden hair dancing in the wind. Macey and Lucas watched the group silently each enraptured in their own thoughts.

Suddenly Claire's friends walked over to the ice cream truck that blared it's usual tune. Claire sat waiting softly swaying on the swing.

“Now's your chance, go talk to her!” Macey exclaimed clapping her hands in glee.

“Hold on a second, I don't remember agreeing to that, I don't even remember agreeing to be here, so just no, NO!” Lucas replied, crawling on the ground, trying to find a way to leave the bushes without Claire seeing. But Macey had other ideas, she shoved him hard so he toppled over and Claire looked over just as expected.

“Hi,” Lucas said with a watery smile.

“Hi,eer what's your name again?” Claire asked.

“It's Lucas...” Lucas said looking at the ground, willing it to swallow him up.

“Oh how could I forget? I remember in Reception you nearly fell out of a tree but your spider man pants saved you,” Claire said laughing, Lucas was mortified. He blushed all over not knowing how to respond.

“Yeah...” He trailed.

“So what were you doing behind that bush?” She asked, her head tilted to the side.

“I was looking for my, my earring!” Lucas blurted without thinking and he instantly regretted it.

“You wear an earring?” She asked surprised but somehow in awe as well. Lucas was kicking himself, he didn't really fancy the pirate look. But he never had to reply as Claire's friends were back.

“Hey loner Lucas, where's your bogey haired bud Riley and his Goth chick?” Danny Love said, yes his surname was Love. It was one of the reasons Lucas called him Claire's unofficial official boyfriend. He wasn't actually dating her but Danny had marked his territory. Lucas blushed even though the insult was stupidity at it's best. He called me a loner but he asked me where my friends were which meant I wasn't a loner, Lucas thought but there was no way he could explain that to Danny Love, without looking like even more of a geek then he already was. Danny Love had the typical star look: floppy blonde hair, deep blue eyes that girls fanned over. Lucas thought Danny was everything he wasn't.

“I don't know,” Lucas mumbled, mortified.

“ Well why don't you get lost, go climb a tree,on second thought no one wants to see those spider man pants again!” Danny said and they all laughed at Lucas. Claire stared at him sympathetically but he mumbled a goodbye and ran away.

Macey hurriedly ran out of the park in search for Lucas, she felt bad, she had forced the situation. She soon found him crouched down in an alleyway, he was invisible behind some bins. She sat down to join him.

It had begun to rain and droplets poured onto them from the gutter of the building.

“Lucas, I'm sorry, I knew Danny was an idiot but I didn't know he was so bad, to you,” Macey said sincerely sorry but Lucas didn't want to know, he had been humiliated in front of everyone, in front of Claire and he refused to look at Macey, the masquerade masked girl he didn't even know, he never even wanted to know.

“You don't know anything!” Lucas snapped, “Whoever you even are, you've probably never been bullied in your life, your probably free to be who you are without people judging you, so you know nothing about anything, nothing about me, nothing about Danny being an idiot, you don't know anything so piss off!” Lucas felt slightly bad at being so mean but Macey knew she deserved it. It was her fault but there was no way she was leaving Lucas, he was so close to people that had affected her in the past. Lucas wanted Claire, and Macey would do anything to get her away from Danny Love before it was too late.

“Your probably right about the other stuff but I know more about Danny than you think...” Macey started, Lucas didn't say anything, his back was still turned and she didn't think he would be moving any time soon, so she carried on. “You probably don't believe me but Danny Love used to be my boyfriend,” Lucas gasped quietly but remained silent, “ It was before I got into the whole love guru business and I was a stupid naïve girl back then. I was just like all the other star struck girls around him but he just happened to choose me, well that's what I thought anyway, the truth was he was only with me because of my father being a school governor, he's friends with people that are high up in some top colleges and let's face it Danny's not exactly going to go to college based on his grades so he used me. I must have been dumber than Danny not to have seen he was using me. I really thought I loved him but the falseness of our relationship was clear, he did little things like only kiss me when we were out in public and he wasn't getting anywhere with my father as he hated Danny, so then at the first sign of Claire I was dumped and left in pieces, so I decided to do.. this, so that no one would ever have to feel the way I felt, well at least not if I can help it!”

As Lucas turned to face Macey he realized tear drops were rolling down her cheeks. It seemed Lucas' list of why he hated the world was getting longer and longer and to be honest he didn't know what to do about it, so he sat and did nothing.He looked up as if just realizing it was raining and took off his hoodie to give her.

“Wow, I never took you as a gentlemen,” Macey said with a watery smile.

“Well I never took you as a cry baby,” He replied, the first smile he had aimed at Macey. He hesitantly wiped away her tears as she scowled but she let him because she had noticed one thing that separated Lucas from her other clients. He didn't idolize Claire, he just took things one step at a time, did things as they came. Like Macey had said earlier she had never not paired someone but once she had keft them it didn't always work out because the crusher loved the idea of there crush more than the real thing, they loved someone that didn't exist. But Lucas wasn't like that and it made Macey sure that his relationship with Claire would be long lasting but for some reason Macey didn't want that to happen but it was her job, her duty. Macey liked to call herself a love nun because she devoted her life to the cause of love and she needed to help Lucas find it.

 “I'm not a cry baby!” She replied stubbornly, “And I'm no quitter either, I have never not delivered as a love guru and I will get you dating Claire Ashford if it's the last thing I do!” Macey stood up and held her hands out to Lucas. “But right now I really need a cappuccino.” He stood up, looking at her blue eyes intently, they were the only thing he could see behind that mask of hers and they fascinated him. Lucas didn't think it was fair he had to base her very existence just on her eyes because she was hidden behind the mask because they were so engaging, so believable and if he looked at them for too long he might  just...slip away...

“Your not forgiven,” Lucas said, the cold harsh reality of the day hitting him.

“Neither are you,” Macey said walking ahead of Lucas as he stared dumb founded at the back of her head.

“For what?” He muttered but it didn't matter, Lucas wouldn't tell Macey but he enjoyed today because Macey was there...

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