Macey Clarke The Love Guru...

Geeky shy Lucas Moregrove comes to Macy Clarke love guru, match maker, relationship oracle on advice for how to impress a girl he likes - Claire Ashford what Macy calls 'I'm in a band' popular. But what happens when Macy falls in love and Lucas who's meant to be 1% compatible according to her Love Calculator


1. One

The Love Guru…

"I can't believe I was actually going to do this!" Lucas said to Riley as the end of school bell rang.

"Was? More like are going to do this, it's time you visited the love guru, your appointment's in like fifteen min-" Riley started but Lucas interrupted.

"This isn't some doctors appointment, I’m going to see the 'love guru' a creepy student in our year that wears a masquerade mask sometimes male other times female for relationship you realize how insane that sounds!" Lucas snapped.

"Hey it worked for me and McKenzie!” Riley laughed holding up his mouldy Haribo ring and as if on cue the gothic princess bounded towards us.

“But that’s because your both weird….” Lucas exclaimed. Riley was half Goth half geek with green tips in his white blonde hair matched with the multi-coloured dickey bows he always wore and as Lucas had said before McKenzie was a hard core Goth with her straight black hair and long black ball gowns, they may of looked weird together but there personalities made them a great couple. As for Lucas he thought he was plain with his plain dark brown hair that sticked up at all angles no matter how hard he tried to gel it down. His brown eyes hidden behind his simple wire glasses. He wasn’t particularly pale but he wasn’t particularly tanned either and he didn’t work as hard as he should to become that muscly guy girls seemed to love. With his invisible six pack hidden behind his big black hoodies and his black skinny jeans, the only colour in his wardrobe was his red converses and as tattered and worn down as they were you might say they were Lucas’s prized possession besides his comic book collection of course.

“I heard that!” McKenzie shouted flicking Lucas’s ear.

“If we’re weird what does that make you?” Riley countered.

“Normal!” Lucas said simply.

“Which means your perfect for Claire Ashford!” Riley shouted. In my dreams maybe, Lucas thought. Claire was the type of girl whose blonde hair blew in the wind, even if there was no wind. Who carried around a guitar with peace stickers on. Whose laugh sounded like a beautiful melody. Claire Ashford who had no idea Lucas existed.

“The only time we have ever talked is when she needed a pencil in maths!” Lucas sighed.

“Well that’s all about to change…” Riley said and before Lucas could register what was about to happen, Riley shoved him into an empty classroom.

Lucas eyes started to adjust it was pitch black, the curtains were drawn, the lights were off and Lucas couldn’t see a thing. He felt for the door handle and when he found it he realised it had been locked, how Riley and McKenzie had got the key Lucas didn’t know but all he knew is he was locked in a classroom.

“Great, just great!” He muttered.

“Lucas Moregrove, I’ve been expecting you!” A voice whispered from behind him. Lucas turned abruptly and wacked his head on the cupboard…

“Oh my gosh are you okay, that was not supposed to happen!” The voice muttered, Lucas now knew it was a girl’s voice.

“I’m fine, I think I’ll live but who are you and why have my friends locked me in a room with you?” Lucas yelled, his head was spinning slightly and to make matters worse the girl shone a torch in his face.

“The love guru!” The love guru said, she flicked on the lights and I was sure I would be blind by the time I escaped.

“Sorry but can we just start again, I had this massive intro planned, I do it with all my clients and I wouldn’t want you to miss out…just pretend you didn’t see me, okay?” The girl said, Lucas rolled eyes, how did I not see this coming he thought. But Lucas did see her and he was alarmed but in a good way somehow. The purple masquerade mask encrusted with diamonds and beads, with only her bright red lips visible. As her brunette hair tumbled down around her heart shaped face he couldn’t help but be entranced somehow. She wore the school uniform the school insisted we wear but completely. We were allowed to add our own style to it, I wore my black skinny jeans and red converses, Riley wore his dickey bows and McKenzie wore her fishnet tights but this girl she wore the full uniform.

She clicked the lights off and once again, Lucas was enveloped in darkness.

“I’ve been expecting you Luke Moregrove!” Macey Clarke said but Lucas had yet to find out that this was her name, that she was just plain old Macey, that she hid under her masquerade mask as The Love Guru, match-maker from heaven.

“Right!” Lucas said, he had the urge to flee but there was no escape the people he called friends had locked him in with a wacko. She flicked on her torch.

“I am your love guru and I will guide you through the battle field of love, I am your love doctor and I will cure your lonely heart, I am your match maker and I will show you the way to true love!” Macey said. Suddenly steam was coming from her shoes and shortly after Lucas realised it was in fact coming from a kettle. She flicked on the lights and bowed, Lucas bit his cheeks to stop him from laughing. “Now for the paper work!” Macey said leading Lucas over to the teachers desk.

“There’s paperwork?” Lucas squeaked not trusting himself to open his mouth without laughing.

“Nothing major just to say you’ll allow me to do whatever it takes to get you a date with….Claire Ashford!” She said handing him a pen.

“How do you-“

“Your friends signed earlier already and told me all about you!” Macey explained. I bet they did, Lucas thought. Lucas debated with himself whether to sign it, it was obvious this girl was crazy but maybe with her help Claire might just notice him. With a sigh he signed the paper. With the lights on Macey sized up her client. He would look okay if he had a haircut to sort out that unruly mop of hair of his, spent more time outside and maybe spent some time at the gym. Some boys were clueless, Macey thought, those muscles wouldn’t just appear by themselves.

“Okay, lunchtime tomorrow you’ll have your first love lesson!” Macey said and it only just occurred to Lucas that this whole time there was another door.

“But tomorrows Saturday” Lucas said but Macey had gone and so Lucas left not really sure what he had let himself in for…

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