My Brothers Band Mate - Harry Styles

Hi im Jacky and I was adopted by the one and only Payne family and Liam Payne is now my brother, I moved in with him to try and make friends but things happen and not everything goes to plan... Romance? Maybe. Drama?Definitely.

Read to find out


10. c h a p t e r - t e n

Jacky's P.O.V


3 cups of coffee and a phone call to Liam and Harry later, I was setting myself up for the meeting with Anna Wintour; scurrying around looking for a notepad and pen to use to take notes.


Nothing could describe the emotions I was feeling, not only was I seeing Anna Wintour in person, but I was spending my first day doing so. If I said or did something wrong at this meeting, not only would Ms Canterbury fire me, but Anna Wintour would probably hate my ass.


"Jacky, stop and calm down. Everything will be fine, Anna will love you." I could practically hear Harry standing next to me. My job depended on me not making a complete fool of my self in front of Anna, and I could already see myself stuffing this up.


The board room was massive to say the least, at least 70 people sat around the huge table waiting for Anna to arrive; You could smell the anxiety in the air. Suddenly, everyone stood, and Anna Wintour walked through the two huge doors at the front of the room.


Her round glasses gracefully slid up her face, as she rose them to sit at the top of her famous fringe; That probably being the most traumatic experience in my life would be alive would be a lie. What happened next was.


"I think we should icon flowers this season, they're just so summery and bring a bit of joy to the mag." Adam said, smiling to himself.


"Adam, as you said flower's are summery, It's currently winter. So no Adam we will not be iconing flower's this season." Anna scolded.


"What about denim, leather and velvet. They're a wintery twist, and all go together quite well?" the words fell from my lips without a thought. I cupped a hand over my mouth, eyes wide as everyone slowly turned to me from their seats, standing while everyone else was sitting made it a whole lot more intimidating.


"Leather, Denim and Velvet? What, are we running a goth's expo or something? Are you sure you should be interning here?" Adam fussed.


I closed my eyes, trying to push away the tears; he was right. Velvet? Leather? Denim? Im such an idiot.


"Adam I swear, do you every shut your mouth, or are you needing to get it stitched. I'm over your repulsive talk, now shut up and let the girl talk. What's your name dear?" Anna snapped at Adam and turned to me.


"Jacky, Jacky Payne, Ms Wintour."


"Ah yes, I like your style. Velvet, Denim and Leather is very in and young right now. It's fantastic! Maybe you should start learning from this girl rather than you teaching her Adam" she smiled, turning to Adam, he slouched in a huff and glared across the room.


Amanda laughed and took a sip of her coffee, rolling her eyes at Adam. "I've been working at Vogue for 7 years Anna, I do believe I am more than equipped to choose sensible styles for the magazine and i believe floral is very much in right now." Adam stood up, anger coating his face.


"It is Ms Wintour to you Adam, and I don't like your attitude. You work for me and my decision is the final decision; And my final decision is that you're fired." Anna said, also standing up.


Adam's face turned to one of pure horror and tears built in his eyes.


"I would also like to see Miss Payne move into your position, if you think she is capable Amanda?" She turned to face her.


Amanda then also stood. "I will personally assist Jacky in moving into Adam's old office." she smiled walking toward me.


"Hurry and move your things Adam, Jacky doesn't have all day to wait for you to get you shit together." Amanda laughed putting a hand on my pack escorting me to the office.


Vogue was very different to what I expected. Very different.

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