My Brothers Band Mate - Harry Styles

Hi im Jacky and I was adopted by the one and only Payne family and Liam Payne is now my brother, I moved in with him to try and make friends but things happen and not everything goes to plan... Romance? Maybe. Drama?Definitely.

Read to find out


1. c h a p t e r - o n e




"HELP!!" I texted him before blacking out. I woke up in a strange dull grey room, i was in the hospital.. "JACKY!" it was Liam.......



Hi, I'm Jacky and I am Liam Payne's new little sister, his family adopted me due to my real parents and siblings dying or should i say brutally murdered, the killer got away and told me before shooting me if i lived he would find me and kill me for sure; But i have forgotten that.

I was told I'm staying with my brother Liam in London since he offered for me to live with him and have a bigger chance of making friends being with him, since I've already finished school making it harder to make friends.

 Liam just picked me up from the airport and we arrived at his apartment, "so my mates are probably in my room, so don't mind them" he smiled pressing the number '5' button on the elevator wall. The elevator doors opened and we walked to his apartment; he opened the door to 4 restless teenagers, One with a mop of brown curls and emerald green eyes, One with tamed brown hair and grey-blue eyes, One with shaggy blonde hair and dull blue eyes, and the last one with quiffed dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. "hey let me help you with that." said the boy with curly hair. "Oh, I'm sorry i haven't introduced my self, I'm Harry." he smiled taking my hand and laying a kiss on the back of it, my cheeks heated at the gesture and i let out a little giggle.

"BOO, gotcha!" the boy with brown hair and blue eyes yelled from behind me causing me to scream. Liam obviously herd me scream because he came rushing up the stairs "what happened!" he asked with a panicked look on his face "Oh, its just Louis sneaking up on you." he said with a stressed tone "Wiam he scwares mwe." I said in a baby voice then running to hide behind Liam. That's when Harry, Liam and Louis busted out laughing and I started giggling myself. The two other boys joined us in the hallway upstairs, Harry escorted me to my room  at the end of the hall with the 4 other boys following closely behind.

The room had pale lavender walls and cream carpeting; against the far wall was a huge king double bed covered in purple sheets which were a darker and more brighter shade than the wall. The wall to the right of the room had a white desk placed below a large window net to it a bookshelf and a balcony next to that. And finally to the left was 2 sets of doors, one double doors and one a single door.

I slowly walked over to the two doors already in awe from the rest of the bedroom, first opening the single door to a small white ensuite containing a shower-bath, toilet and sink.

I walked back out into my new bedroom and over to the double doors, opening them my mouth hit the floor, before me was a large walk in wardrobe, with bars along the left wall to hang clothes, on the right several draws and beside them a make-up station and the far wall was a mirror covering the entire wall.

I walked back out to the bedroom where the boys stood waiting with  my mouth hung open, "what the actual hell." i asked looking around the room again, "This is my room?" I asked looking back at the 5 boys with idiotic smiles crossing their faces,"Sure is!" Harry replied walking over to me and putting an arm around my shoulders, "what do you think?" Liam asked walking over to me as well, "I asked the people at the orphanage a little about you so I could get the room set up so that you would like it. You do like it don't you?" he asked tilting his head to the side inspecting my facial expression. "No I don't like it, I love it!" I replied running over and hugging him. "Thank you so much Liam." I nestled my head into the crook of his neck.

He rested his head on top of mine, "anything for you, anything for you....." he whispered kissing the top of my head. I smiled remembering being little and my real older brother doing the same thing. "Look hate to break-up all the love but we should probably get to know Jacky better since she going to be around more often then not." Louis spoke up, I pulled away from Liam's embrace and nodded, "only if I get to learn about you guys too." I replied sitting on the floor. 

Everyone sat down in a circle, Liam to my Left and Harry to my right, next to Harry was Louis, next to him was Niall, and Next to him was Zayn. "Okay so here's what's going to happen, we go in a circle and take turn in asking Jacky a question, when it's Jacky's turn she gets to ask a question about each of us individually, 2 questions each, K? K." Louis spoke quickly. 

Harry- when's your birthday? -- April 16th

Louis- favorite season? -- Spring

Niall- favorite food? -- currently McDonald's but it changes all the time

Zayn- 3 favorite colours -- Purple, Black and Green

Liam- where were you born? -- Lansing, Michigan

Jacky: Harry- favorite colour? -- Orange

             Louis- birthday? -- December 24th

             Niall- favorite fast food place? -- Nandos

             Zayn- favorite place in the world? -- home with my family

             Liam- favorite animal? -- turtle

Harry- biggest hobbie? -- writing songs I cant sing

Louis- idol? -- Adam Lambert

Niall- favorite animal? -- shark

Zayn- favorite dessert? -- vanilla custard

Liam- favorite tattoo? -- my feather

Jacky: Harry- favorite class at school? -- Home economics

             Louis- favorite colour? -- Red

             Niall- Tea or Coffee? -- Tea

             Zayn- Hobbie other than singing? -- drawing

             Liam- favorite sport -- basketball (<Idk)

"What did you mean your biggest hobbie is writing songs you cant sing?" Harry asked after we finished the game, "Well I love writing songs, its just they don't suit my voice or whatever" I told him standing up from the floor shrugging. I turned toward where my bags were and started opening them and unpacking, "Could I maybe hear some of these songs?" he asked walking over to one of my bags and unpacking it as well. I automatically stopped, no one had ever asked to hear my songs, nor would I let them if they asked, but Harry was different, I've started a new life and part of starting over would to be more open about myself. I looked up to Harry "maybe when I've finished unpacking" I replied picking up a pile of clothes and walking into the closet to put them away.

After hanging piles and piles of clothes I moved onto putting away make-up and putting up photos. I put the make-up in order in the draws at the make-up station and moved onto hanging and placing pictures. Most of the pictures were of me and my friends back in America but there was only one I had of my real family which I kept on my bedside table. "Hey, It's getting late i'm going to go to bed, see you in the morning?" I asked Harry turning from the picture of my family to face him. He smiled and nodded his head before heading toward the bedroom door, "Goodnight Harry" I finished. He turned and smiled, "Goodnight Jamie" he replied leaving the room.

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