My Brothers Band Mate - Harry Styles

Hi im Jacky and I was adopted by the one and only Payne family and Liam Payne is now my brother, I moved in with him to try and make friends but things happen and not everything goes to plan... Romance? Maybe. Drama?Definitely.

Read to find out


9. c h a p t e r - n i n e

Jacky's P.O.V

So I walked through the doors of Vogue London, and god was i nervous. My hands were shaking and i could hear my heart beating in my ears. This was the job of my dreams and it could be gone in mere seconds if I did something wrong or stupid.


"Can I help you?" the receptionist asked me, her head tilting to the right a little. I took a huge deep breath and replied.


"I'm Jacky Payne? The new intern?" I asked her, oh god, what if they had fired me for not showing up and I wasn't supposed to be here.


"Oh, of course. Right through here, Amanda has been waiting to meet you." she smiled. I thought back to who Amanda was, head of HR? no..., another receptionist? definitely not,


"Amanda is the CEO of Vogue London, just incase you didn't know," The woman told me, right, that would be it.


I clenched my hands in fists, trying to calm my breathing and earthquaking hands. The receptionist, Stacey, lead me through rooms and levels of clothes, pictures, models, photographers, shoots and until we finally reached the doors of Amanda's office, the CEO's room.


In big printed letters was her "Amanda Canterbury, CEO of Vogue London" , way to intimidate. Stacey, knocked on the door twice before sticking her head in,


"The new intern's here" I could hear her smile, like this was just a casual thing for her to tell Amanda. Her head came back out, and without warning she opened the doors wide and ushered me to go in, I looked at her in shock before straightening out my shirt and taking a deep breath.


"You'll be fine." she smiled, giving me a little push on the back and closing the doors behind me.


"Jacky Payne?" I turned slowly to face Amanda.


"That would be me, yes." I smiled hoping she would like me.


"Good. Adam our chief editor and writer will be here to escort you to your desk. May I ask you a couple of questions to learn more about you?" she asked, i nodded my head and sat in one of the plush white chairs in front of her desk.


"So your name is Jacky Payne, you're 19 almost 20 and a writer and photographer? am I right?" she then asked, I nodded playing with the hem of my cardigan.


"May you please stand up? you can leave your bag on the chair." I quickly put my bag down and stood up. She pushed her glass further up her nose and looked me up and down.


"Where are your clothes from?" I took a deep breath


"my shirt and cardigan are from River Island, shorts are Sass and Bide, and my shoes are also River Island." I gulped hoping I had remember correctly. She nodded her head and ushered for me to sit down again.


"I like you, you have a good taste in clothes, so far. You seem smart and sweet, and you're resume says the same. Welcome to Vogue, Adam will be here to take you to your desk in a sec." she smiled sticking out her hand, I smiled back and took her hand, shaking it. Just then, a young man with red-orange hair, walked in with 3 folders in one hand and a coffee in the other.


"Ready to go Jacky?" he asked with a huff, i nodded and picked up my bag. "Oh and Jacky, Anna Wintour is coming in for a meeting about this month's issue, and I want you to be there, you can take notes or whatever Interns do now a days." she laughed to her self


I nodded "of course Ms Canterbury." and walked out of the office following Adam.


Today was going to be a long and stressful day.

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