My Brothers Band Mate - Harry Styles

Hi im Jacky and I was adopted by the one and only Payne family and Liam Payne is now my brother, I moved in with him to try and make friends but things happen and not everything goes to plan... Romance? Maybe. Drama?Definitely.

Read to find out


4. c h a p t e r - f o u r

I sat on my bed, glasses on searching the internet for a job. So far I had Starbucks, McDonalds or Liam offered to see if I could get a job working for Simon. I thought for a second before scrolling up to the search bar and looking up "Fashion Jobs in London" the feed loaded for a second before showing results, Cashier at Zara, Cashier at Forever 21, Intern at Vogue. I immediately stopped scrolling and yelled out to Liam, "Liam get your beautiful mother fucking ass in here!" I yelled shaking with excitement, Liam came rushing into the room clutching his bum, "Why is my mother fucking ass needed in here?" he smirked before coming and sitting on the bed next to me, "look! Opening for an Intern at Vogue London! Employee need over the age of 18 and willing to bring new scene to the work place! Liam I can do that!" I screamed with excitement bouncing around the bed. He continued looking at the laptop as I got of the bed and walked into my wardrobe looking for something to wear to Harry and my date.

"This would be such a great opportunity for you, especially since were going back into the studio to record our new album, you will have something to do and wont be here alone." He said walking into the wardrobe.


Liam's P.O.V (OMFG i never used someone else's P.O.V in this before!!!)

Of course I really excited that Jacky found a job she wanted, but I was worried that none of us were going to see her. It said they need someone over the age of 18 and willing to bring new scene to the work place, but what she must of missed was that she was going to be working from 8:30 to 5:30, 9 hours four days a week. 

She bit her lip in concentration, looking for something to wear, "What are you doing?" I asked walking over to her, she started pulling out a matching floral shirt and skirt, baby pink platform heels and some jewelry. "Harry said he was taking me out to dinner and would be here at 6, and its now 5 so if you would excuse me I have to get ready for my date." she said taking her outfit out to her bedroom placing it on her bed and walking to her bathroom.

There was absolutely no way in hell Harry was going to get away with taking my little sister on a date, let alone with out consulting with me first. 

I angrily stormed out of my apartment and walked down to Harry's, pounding on the door. "Hold on I'll be right there!" he yelled obviously on the other side of his apartment, the door was pulled open and revealing an almost nude Harry; the sight of me making him pale. I pushed him back into his apartment closing the door behind me, "You fucking dick! What did I tell you before I left to go pick Jacky up from the airport huh?" I fumed, He visibly gulped and shrugged his shoulders, "Don't bloody lie to me Styles, i told all of you that my sister was off fucking limits, and if you wanted to take her out, at all, You had to come see me first, and you didn't! You're lucky i'm not ripping your head off! She's been here for a day and your already trying to lure her into your trap, get her to fall for you than drop her as soon as she admits her feelings for you! I wont have it, not my little sister, not after everything she's had to go through, and especially not after her being here less than 48 hours." I shook my head.

He walked up to me, getting right up in my face, "Look Liam, i may left a trail of broken hearts here and there but that doesn't mean i'm going to do the same to your sister, okay? You have no right barging into my apartment and threatening me like you just did. She has the ultimate choice of who she wants to date, not you. So you can go back to your apartment and forget that this happened because I know i am. Goodbye Liam." He replied opening and pushing me out the door.

I stood staring at Harry's door for what felt like hours, never in my time with Harry had I blown up at him like that, nor has Harry acted so mature. Maybe he wasn't going to break my sister's heart, but i don't want to risk it, she's already fragile and I couldn't bare to see her break.


Jacky's P.O.V

I got out of the shower and started changing into my clothes:

checking the time it was 10 minutes until Harry would get here, so I sat down at my desk, put my glasses on and opened my laptop. 




re: Internship

attachment: Resume.doc

Hi my name's Jacky Payne and I was hoping to apply for the Internship avaliable at Vogue, I am 18 years of age and feel I could meet the requested standards Vogue needs. Attached is my Resume, and I hope that I can give Vogue the "new scene" it wants.

Many thanks,

Jacky Payne.


I hovered my mouse over the send button. Was this the job I had dreamed of having my entire life? Yes; Would having this job make me one of the happiest people alive? Fuck Yes; Would I see Liam as much as I do now? No, not at all. My heart raced at the debate going on in my mind, Finally I clicked send and sat back, I may have a job tomorrow morning, and Its all I could ever ask for.

A knock sounded through the apartment signaling Harry was here, I stood up, took my glasses of and rushed to the front door. Harry was dressed in his normal back skinny jeans and white tee, but now he had put a blazer on to top it off, making the outfit more formal than before. I blushed as his eyes raked over my body, judging my appearance, He finally looked up at me and smiled "You look gorgeous tonight," I giggled as he took my hand and lead me down to the foyer and to his car. 

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