My Brothers Band Mate - Harry Styles

Hi im Jacky and I was adopted by the one and only Payne family and Liam Payne is now my brother, I moved in with him to try and make friends but things happen and not everything goes to plan... Romance? Maybe. Drama?Definitely.

Read to find out


8. c h a p t e r - e i g h t

Jacky's P.O.V

After days of laying in my hospital bed, hoping to remember anything; I finally started to piece everything together; I didn't have all my memory back, hell i had only remembered Louis' name on my own. The boys had to explain everything to me, and it's just kind of stuck there. Not everything is complete clear to me, like why I was in the hospital, and how exactly I ended up living with Liam, but things just happened and I was pretty much up to date with what was really important.


Finally I got to leave the hospital but was then bed bound for another week, Liam not letting me out of his sight. Harry had come around a couple of times, bringing flowers and chocolate, telling me he hoped i would get better soon, and leaving. 


Louis had told me that things between Harry and I were quite awkward. I didn't recognise it at first but, Louis explained to me, he thought Harry would be stick beside me until I got out of bed. I was completely oblivious, I had been told several times by Louis, Niall and Zayn that Harry and I were in ways "romantically involved" with each other.


Liam said otherwise, saying that we were all just friends and the boys were just trying to see if my mind would remember before by hearing a lie and then acknowledging that it wasn't the truth and coming up with truth on my own; But If anything, I was only dismissing Liam and believing the boys.


Yesterday I found out that Vogue had accepted me for their job, so i sat in bed, drinking my tea in my Homer Simpson pyjamas waiting for Liam to tell me I was allowed to get out and finally go work; and he did. He came in my room, walked straight into my wardrobe, got out an outfit and placed it at the end of my bed, woke me up, made me coffee and explained if I didn't hurry up, I would be late for my first day.


Holy Shit.


(Sorry for a short chapter)



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