Last First Kiss

Hi my name is Aphrodite im 15 years old and my best friend is Liam Payne well in this story he wont be as famous as you think he would just be a regular guy going to a regular school with tills he wanted to addition for the X-factor and become a singer but he did it 2 years ago too but he didnt get in and now he has been better than he was 2 years ago but there is a problem along the way .... but you need to read this to find out..


4. Well this is awkward....


~The Next Day~ Aphrodite's POV: I woke up with puffy red eye's from crying yesterday before Liam left for the X-Faction addition. I realised that it was saturday and i have got nothing to do so i just thought i would cry in a corner and think about Liam with a box full of ice cream , he was only going to be away for three months right?  Right. So i cried over and over again and realised that i had feelings for Liam. So i decided that i would change my look so when he comes back he might like me. I heard a knowck on my door and i told them to come in, it was my mom "Sweety, you have to go out sooner or later. Do you want to do something today, Shopping?" my mom said with concern. My mom knew me to well " sure mom that will be great. Can we go by the salon and get my self a new look cause im not liking my brown hair?" i asked my mom she just nodded and went out of the room. I started to get change but i didnt bother to get all dolled up if we are only going to do my hair and go shopping at the mall so i just put some cute hollister sweatpants and a hoodie that says "Haters Can Go Hate" then i just put some light mascara and my uggs then i was ready to go. I saw my mom down the stair looking at me and said "ready to go hun?" i nodded and we went to the car. ~The car ride~ "Sweety.. I know you really depress but i really need to ask you.... Do you like Liam more as friends"  "Well.... I think i'm starting but i dont want to tell him cause i dont want to ruin our friendship"  "I thought so" We arived at the salon and told the salonist ( i think that how you call a girl in the salon anyways back to the fanfic hihi) that i wanted to my hair a dirty strawberry blonde and wanted to add some extensions but layered she nodded and started to do my hair and hour or so later my hair was amazing. My mom payed and we left the salon and drove to the mall in silent. We got to the mall and i asked my mom how mcuh was my limit but then she just say get whatever i wanter. I got ten shirts, five tank tops, 15 shorts, and alot of others stuff then my mom gave me a little extra money and we went our seperate ways so that i could buy more stuff cause she also wanted to go shopping. I went to bye some jewellry and bows and to be really honest im in love with bows. Then on the way back to meet my mom in the food court of the mall i bumped into someone..... Oh no, not him well this was awkward... A/N: Cliffhanger haha well sorry i didnt updae yesterday i found out that my Bestfriend was changing schools and i was devestated i know pathetic but im a really sensitive girl so when heard of it i started bawling my eyes out so anyways back to my note i was just saying that they are not living in England they are living in the Unite states of the America haha yea dont ask why i dont know my self haha i know im weird and i know you guys dont like authors note but sometime its important well this is not so important..... i think well anyways just wanted to say thank you for all the favourites and like and please be a fan. And by he way if you havent noticed that i have posted another fanfic but wont start on chpaters yet cause i wanted to continue this for a while and then maybe around june july it might be over and then i wil continue on the A Vacation fanfic yes so please read the description about the fanfic and tell m what you think thxs bye love you lots ~Sammi XxX  
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