Last First Kiss

Hi my name is Aphrodite im 15 years old and my best friend is Liam Payne well in this story he wont be as famous as you think he would just be a regular guy going to a regular school with tills he wanted to addition for the X-factor and become a singer but he did it 2 years ago too but he didnt get in and now he has been better than he was 2 years ago but there is a problem along the way .... but you need to read this to find out..


7. Oh, Thank goodness!

Previously on LFK : I kiked him and ran away as fast as i could but then i suddenlu felt a pair of arms around my waist ans when  i looked up it was..........

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~It was... Omg i was so happy to see him, i thought it was Derek my ex-boyfriend that got me. But it was my older brother ,Phew, wait what is he doing here isnt he suppose to be in college right now?!  "what ar-" he cut me off by putting his han over my mouth "shh , hes coming" wait what?!.. oh Derek , wait how does he know i am running from him. When Derek ran by he took his hand of my mouth and he said "hi Aphrodite how are you ? Where's mom?" " Dafuq Josh what are you doing here , and how did you know i was running from him and again why are you here?!?!" i said when im trying to keep my self down " Well... i owe Derek money and now he is threatning me that if i dont pay him his money he will take you and mom soo yea that why im here and WHERES MOM?!?!" my brother Josh said " i dont know i was going to meet her by the lunch court, and what the heck Josh mom sai that if you ever and i mean EVER needed money you coudve just asked her why didnt you?! That woud be better than risking our lives you idiot" i  screamed at josh and after that we were on the to the lunch court....


Authors Note: so guys i know you guys dont like authors note but yea i just had to irritate you guys haha dont hate me ;( haha okay but that wasnt expected was it well yea im updating the other chapter now as we speak or may i say read/write haha im weird well yea if you guys have twitter or something then follow me on @samiradatukali1 and @13_Sammii. 

13_Sammii twitter account is the one when i will be saying when i have been updating and the other one is my private account so follow me on both you dont have to but still please do it ill be happy and that means i will be posting more chapters okey i think i should stop with thes authors note crap and just go finish writing the other chapters oh yea one more thing i just wanted to say thank you for liking my fanfics it means alot and i dont usually put my wirting into public so this is a big step for me so please no hate in the future or now in the present or even in the past if its possible haha okey byee 

~Sammii xx


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