Last First Kiss

Hi my name is Aphrodite im 15 years old and my best friend is Liam Payne well in this story he wont be as famous as you think he would just be a regular guy going to a regular school with tills he wanted to addition for the X-factor and become a singer but he did it 2 years ago too but he didnt get in and now he has been better than he was 2 years ago but there is a problem along the way .... but you need to read this to find out..


1. Me and My Best Friend

Aphrodites POV:

*beep beep beeeeeeeeep*

''hey wake up, we dont want to be late'' someone said beside me ''mmm, leave me alone Liam i dont want to go to school'' I moaned. ''But  we cant just ditch school'' Liam says with his responsible self  ''yes we can!'' i said to him. Then i felt the bed move and all of the sudden i felt two big hands grabbing my waist and dragged me up to put him on his shoulders. I screamed and told him to put me down ''i will never put you down if you're not going to school?'' Liam said still holding m over his shoulders, ''ok fine ill go to school! Now put me down!'' I said and started to kick him put he was to strong so i couldnt do so much kicking cause he was holding my legs. He went into the bathroom to get change and i got change in my bedroom i put a flowy top on with son jeans and to top it of so white vans and a blazer. ''Liam are you done yet'' I yelled while making some toast ''yea wait a sec'' Liam yelled back ''isnt it suppose to be you that waiting for me when i get change'' i asked with a smirk ''hey, its not my fault you forced me to sleep over is it'' Liam chuckled. He took one of the toast i just buttered and left , i left with him we always walk to school together.

A/N: Hi guyss this is my first fanfic and i  hope you guys like it sorry for the short chapter and bad spelling but to be really honest ive never shared my fanfics to anyone but my bestfriends. And they said i was a really good writer but i dont really know if this one was a really good one i will post some tonight if i can ..But i promise it will get better. But please tell if i need to change some , anything i want it to get good as possible.

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