Last First Kiss

Hi my name is Aphrodite im 15 years old and my best friend is Liam Payne well in this story he wont be as famous as you think he would just be a regular guy going to a regular school with tills he wanted to addition for the X-factor and become a singer but he did it 2 years ago too but he didnt get in and now he has been better than he was 2 years ago but there is a problem along the way .... but you need to read this to find out..


3. Feelings? HELP!


Aphrodite's POV: I cant beleive this, hes actually going what am i going to do about Ashley she is going to bully me even more than she usually does cause Liam is gone. When i met Liam he was the one that protected me against Ashley and her friends and now that he is leaving i dont know what i am going to do now when he told me i ran home directly and bawled my eyes out literally (not really you know what i mean) i mean seriously how could he. But i should let him go and let him live his dream for once i dont want to be in the way. *Friday*-----1 hour tills Liam leaves for the X-Factor----- "I am going to miss you so much Liam" I said while hugging him tightly " And you dont think i will not miss you either" He said hugging me back. I didnt want to let go. I dont want to admit that i might star having feelings for him.... No wait what am i talking about he is my bestfriend for god sakes i cant fall for him. I just cant . CANT!. Liam's POV: I'm not sure what i feel when i touch her i mean i get buterflies in my stomach and i feel so happy and jumpy when i'm with her.... i think i might have feelings with her wait i dont think i have feelings i know i have them but i jus cant risk our friendship just by telling her how i feel. What should i do . HELP!
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