Last First Kiss

Hi my name is Aphrodite im 15 years old and my best friend is Liam Payne well in this story he wont be as famous as you think he would just be a regular guy going to a regular school with tills he wanted to addition for the X-factor and become a singer but he did it 2 years ago too but he didnt get in and now he has been better than he was 2 years ago but there is a problem along the way .... but you need to read this to find out..


5. A Pair of Arms


Aphrodite's POV: Oh no it can't be him, it just cant.After all these years why now! "Umm,hi. What are you doing here?" I said "Nice to see you to" Is what he said in response. He took a step closer while i took a step back "Please stay away from me!"I panicked "Oh, Why are you scared of me" He smirked at me while he was moving closer, oh and if you're wondering who it was well it was my ex-boyfriend who umm raped me.....And now im officially scared of him thats why.I kicked him and ran away as fast as i could but then i suddenly felt a pair of arms around my waist and when i looked up it was.........
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