The Betrayal of man

Julia is in love with Mark but he has a huge secret and it could destroy England, but what will Julia do when she finds out about it....?


3. Mark

I turn around and looked at the man behind me. "What do you want with me?" He arches his fingers and smiles sinisterly. I hold my head up and brace myself for his answer. "We need you to be the world's first man to commit murder the monarch and yourself." I gulp and look down to my money pouch I open it and look at the wedding invitation that Julia had told me to give to my boss. "I-I- I can't" The man turns around sharply and looks at me. I crouch back against the wall of the alley and cringe as he spits in my face and then walks away. I stand back up and wipe the spittle off my face. I'll show him. But I can't tell anyone. Nobody. Although I'm Catholic I won't stoop to his level. And besides surely they won't be able to find an explosives expert who's catholic and willing to kill James 1. Besides I'm planning to bring that man down. I'm going to have to infiltrate the plans of Robert Catesby and his gunpowder plot.

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