The Betrayal of man

Julia is in love with Mark but he has a huge secret and it could destroy England, but what will Julia do when she finds out about it....?


4. Julia

"Julia" I turn to Mark's mother and smile,

"Sorry, I zoned out a bit" she nods and points to my dress, I smile and resume stitching the white flowers onto my wedding gown. Two weeks until Mark and I get married. Mark's mother smiles at me. "Maybe you should try on the dress" I look at her stunned. She nods her head and then walks to the door. She calls for Mark's sister to come and help us and for Mark and his brother to stay away. When Emelia came into the room they both started to help me into the dress as I stepped in front of the mirror we all gasped. The bodice was a soft white colour shot with gold thread and it clung slightly to by waist showing off the smallness of it, the dress then billowed out into a gold pleated skirt covered with layers of white tulle and lace to soften the gold. The sleeves puffed at the top of the arm and then tighten into gold cuffs at the end. But the most beautiful part of the gown was the neckline, it's a square neckline with a teal collar and that was complimented with a teal belt cinching in my waist. "You look beautiful," Emelia gasped, she is going to be 20 this year and the family is looking for a husband for her at the moment. I smile at her "Don't think we forgot about you" Mark's mother walked over to her work box and pulled out a teal and gold bodice for Emelia's bridesmaids dress "Look behind the screen" she gasps and runs over. Hanging there is a teal pleated skirt with gold flowers embroidered around the hemline. The bodice is teal and matches the shape of my wedding gown, except her's has a round neck with gold embroidery rather than a collar. "Thank you!" she gasps again, "It's so beautiful" I smile over at Mark's mother who hands the bodice to Emelia who instantly jumped behind the screen "I told you she'd love it" 

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