The Betrayal of man

Julia is in love with Mark but he has a huge secret and it could destroy England, but what will Julia do when she finds out about it....?


2. Julia

I wake up and gasp. I'm home, I'm not dead. Thank God. I look to my side and see Mark asleep. In a seperate bed of course, but close enough for me to touch, to caress, to kiss...but I can't do any of those things. At least not yet.

I slump back on my bed and sigh. This time next year we'll be married, hopefully with a newborn in my arms. I get up and look out of the window. Snowing, perfect for Chrismas day. I run back to the beds lying side by side and jump onto mine. I push Mark off his bed and smile as he wakes up as he hits the floor. I step from my bed to his and down onto the floor next to him. I pull him up by his nightshirt and press my lips to his. Mark sits up and grbs me pulling me into him. I whisper "not now, not yet" and he lets go, flopping back onto the floor. I get up and walk over to my chest. "It's bad enough that I'm living with you before we're married let alone sleeping beside me. He sighs and I pick up some of my clothes before walking out of the room.

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