Don't let me go again

Talking is dangerous. Especially when you don't know what your saying. That seems to happen a lot to 17 year old Nikki Tuley.


2. Uh oh

"Are you sober?" Dylan asked sitting me down on the hood of his car. I nodded. "I wasn't even drunk. I only had 2 glasses this time. I swear." I said avoiding eye contact. He tilted my head to meet his deep green eyes. "I swear." I said again looking into his eyes. "What's wrong?" I shook my head "there was…" he tilted his head to show he was listening. "He… I think he was trying to rape me." I said looking down. Dylan started breathing heavy. His eyes fired up. "Who was he." He asked with anger in his voice. "Dyl. I I don't know." "WHO WAS HE?" He shouted. I started crying "I don't know!" Dylan stormed into the bar leaving me crying on top of the car.
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