Don't let me go again

Talking is dangerous. Especially when you don't know what your saying. That seems to happen a lot to 17 year old Nikki Tuley.


1. Party On

"woo!!" I screamed raising my glass of beer. I climbed on top of the bar counter and took a big swing of the tart liquid. "Hey." A smug looking guy said. I gave him a grin and invited him closer. I crossed my legs and my already short dress went up a little higher. I patted a seat next to me and he sat down. "What's your name hot stuff?" He asked coming closer. "Nikki. You?" "Doesn't matter babe." He said pushing my head agin at the cold bar table. He started sucking on my neck and I wrapped my legs around his waist. He picked me up moving his way down to my collar bone. He shoved me up against a wall. He started to suck my neck harder until he was almost biting me. "Stop." I said pushing him off. He was still biting me. He stuck his dirty hand up my dress. "Stop!" I said louder. He tried to pull my dress off. I kicked him and he bent over. I pulled my dress down and ran to the door. Right as I reached the door it swung open. I gasped and felt my eyes open wide. He grabbed my arm and pulled me out the door.
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