The Power Of The Mind

Created for hunger games novel compitition.
An account of one of the participants in a HG compitition.
Although I've never read Hunger Games I've given this book a go anyway!!


5. Tick Tock

Sweaty and alone I gropped about in the darkness. It took a few minutes for my eyes to readjust to see the cave walls around me. Realising what happened I began to figure a way out. As I had dived I feel through a small covered up cave entrance. I slid through a thin tunnel like a tube before coming out the other end and collapsing in a heap on the cave floor. Looking up I saw the cave exit where I'd spilled out, it was far to high to reach or get to. Wandering through the cave my trackable watch crackled with a transmission.

"Number 17, can you read us?" crackled the voice.

"Reading you home base, what's the problem?"

"Barrier -------- closing in --------- your position --------- get moving." Then the voice completely crackled away. With panic I realised that because I was underground and I would get sealed in by the barrier. I ran through the caves as fast as I could go. Employing some mountaineering techniques, I found a crack that could be an exit. I used my hunting knife as a pick and climbed as fast as I could.

A burst of fresh air filled me with hope. But then I heard the electric hum of the force-field barrier, my pace quicken as well heartbeat. I saw the edge of the barrier started to cover my exit. I leapt and in the nick of time I escaped.

Unfortunately the barrier caught up with me. I hit it and flew backwards smashing into a tree. As I regained my composure I decided I wouldn't like to make close contact with the barrier again and ran away from it for about half an hour. As I ran the smell of burnt fabric lingered around me because of my shirt.

I wondered how I'd survive as I munched of one of my high enery chocolate bars.

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