The Power Of The Mind

Created for hunger games novel compitition.
An account of one of the participants in a HG compitition.
Although I've never read Hunger Games I've given this book a go anyway!!


2. Orentation

I was then given my orientation. I was shown to my cell, I soon understood the choice of name. A horrible odour filled the air, I pulled back a grotty, torn curtain to reveal the mother of all toilets. The cover had come of and the seat was cracked into three parts and one part was missing. The flush handle was jammed and there was all sorts of nasty things floating in the bowl. There was even some in the main water tank which was leaking into an old bucket.

"It'll need empty daily," The guard told me, "Unless you want to be knee deep in filth." It was late and I had nothing better to do, so I fell asleep.

I don't know wether you'd can call it a dream or a nightmare but what happened was strange for sure. I saw faces, lots of faces. Although I didn't reconise the faces they were familiar. Then, for no reason at all, they cracked and disappeared, one by one, as though someone was smashing them for fun.

Next morning came orientation. They told us that we all had to do it and that the prize, although secret, was unbelievable. They told us not to get too friendly because we'd be crippled later.

"The compitition is last man standing, literally." Shouted a burly instructor. He was very short but packed more muscle than an entire rugby team. Blindingly bright light bouced of the top of his head and his shadow made him look like a monster.

"The last man will be the last one alive at the end. You may use anything you have brought with you in addition to anything you buy at the shop. You will be allocated a 500 credits allowance." He also told us that the arena shrinks over time and that there would be 6 supply drops total, etc...

After he finished his tedious lecture I went back to my cell. I managed to prise open my rust encrusted locker and I saw there was only a note and a hunting knife with dried blood on the end of it inside the locker. Washing the blood off the knife, I stared at the note:'Believe in Yourself'. It sounded quite cheesy but vaguely reassuring. Thinking of the shop, I decided I needed some more equiptment and I would visit it.

To be honest I thought there would be alot of people there but I was wrong. There were several leaks coming from the shop roof in addition to a massive 2m crack in the roof and a serious need of a paint job. The only person in there was a sad pathetic excuse for a soul.

Staring at the rack of fancy, expensive and weird looking weapons made the knife grow heaver in my pocket. It was trying to tell me something, as though I'd betrayed it. Pulling away from the rack, the sensation left me. In the end I decided just to buy some high-energy food to keep me going in the arena.

"Thanks" the guy said.

"What for?" I asked

"Nobody buys stuff here anymore, they all have better weapons and supplies." I gave him a smile and left.

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