The Power Of The Mind

Created for hunger games novel compitition.
An account of one of the participants in a HG compitition.
Although I've never read Hunger Games I've given this book a go anyway!!


8. Misjudgements, Miscalculations and a Showdown to Remember

It had started to rain. Wondering where the other could be, I stared of the falling rain drops. Each one was a jewel glistening, sparkling and perfectly formed. They fell from the murky black sky like diamonds made from carbon. Their life was abruptly ended as they smashed on the grounds. I heard a faint whistle and jumped backwards. In midair, I watched as a sleek arrow cut the lives short of many of the other precious jewels, like previous ones had done for many of the other contestants.

'Well there's the other.' I wondered no longer, as I span around to face the direction it came from. Three more were shot at me. I used my awesome skills to masterfully curl up into a ball and pray they didn't hit me. Knife in hand, I stood up and rushed forward to prevent another assault. Another arrow zipped forwards followed up by another. A single curved arc with my knife sliced the arrows in half as though they were soft butter.

Then my opponent came into view. Breathtaking was the word I'd use to describe her and for a moment I had to remember how to breath. She had run out of arrows and pulled out two dagger-size scimitar blades, putting them in a backhand position.

I lunged with my knife but I had timed it wrong. Easy to deflect, she had a go at attacking me. She had all the grace of panther and I didn't even she her move. A pain erupted in my leg and I looked down to see blood slowly seeping into my trousers. Not once did I see her move but most of the time I anticipated it. It was like clockwork, nothing planned, just instinct and reflexes.

After a while her blades had torn my shirt to shred. She high-kicked me which knocked my knife out of my hands, somehow she got behind me and put me in an assassin hold ready to finish me. Grabbing and pushing her hands forward, I twist her arms to flip over the top of me. The point of landing was perfect for her to swivel round and sweep away my feet. She then pounced at me but I'd expected it. I rolled away in the nick of time stopping next to my knife. As I grasped the knife she pounced again, I thrust the knife upwards.

Anybody coming in on that point would have seen her throw herself on that knife. I saw a photo drift out of her pocket as she lay there lifeless. I saw three young, happy, smilling faces and I choked as I realised they were her siblings. Digusted at the whole thing such rage built up inside me. Then the loudspeakers came on.

"We have a winner! Number 17! What is you?" I thought about it before realising.

"I don't know."

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