The Power Of The Mind

Created for hunger games novel compitition.
An account of one of the participants in a HG compitition.
Although I've never read Hunger Games I've given this book a go anyway!!


3. I Thought It Was Easy...

I The next day we were woken up early by a chinese guy walking down the corridors with a gong. We all got lined up outside while the instructor inspected us head to toe. His movements the same each time, so similar it was almost automatic. We then loaded onto various helicopters.

My helicopter was flown to drop-zone 4. Seeing the vast forests and endless rivers I though 'beautiful'. I decided to call it 'Earth' because of the name for soil. It was a strange name but one that seemed to fit. The helicopter swooped low into the trees. Hovering about 3 metres above the ground, the captain told us to get off. Nobody moved. I realised I was closest to the door and therefore blocking everyone else's way.

"Can't you land?" I asked.

"Jump you wimp!" Suddenly one of the bigger men behind me booted me up the arse. I landed face first on the ground and the men in the helicopter erupted with laughter. Getting to my feet I spun around and glared at him. They just laughed even more.

"He won't last 5 minutes." One of them mumbled, shaking his head. The helicopter moved away to drop the next man.

Remebering the instructor said we got a 10 mins grace period, I decided to explore. I'd covered and memorised the 1/2 a suare kilometre around my drop site, when the concealed speakers annouced the grace period was over. Tracking down the speaker was my first priorty so I could use some of its parts as weaponery.

It was only a few metres before someone attacked me. My only warning was a light glinting of his blade and into my eye. Then my reflexes kicked in. A nifty sidestep saved my life but the blade still gave me a resonable cut on my left arm. The next time I was prepared, a clumsy lunge was easily disarmed by a simple wrist twist. Backhanding the blade I finished the fight in under 15 seconds.

Staring down at the body made me realise what I'd done. This once vibrant soul now an empty shell. I though 'He started it, he would have killed me' and finally 'I'd rather kill than be killed'. I hated myself for this but I knew I'd done it before. I ripped a length of my top off to make a bandage for my arm. Half an hour passed with me beating other competitors easily, reassuring myself of these thoughts.

Ever heard the phrase 'To big for his boots'? Well that's what I got to before I saw him: The Big Daddy

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