The Power Of The Mind

Created for hunger games novel compitition.
An account of one of the participants in a HG compitition.
Although I've never read Hunger Games I've given this book a go anyway!!


6. Fortune Favours The Bold

After that I was constantly on high alert which took it's toll. But just then luck turned my way. I discovered a supply drop, unlike all the other supply drops there was still stuff left in it and it showed no sign of tampering. I opened it very carefully to avoid detection and I found there wasn't just some left, there was all of it left. Nobody yet had got to it. I started to rifle through the supplies and I found; lots of various gun ammo, 2 massive backpacks (both bigger than my duffel bag), 3 grenades, a spare set of clothes, lots of high energy food, thick lined bags and a map.

I took the clothes, thick lined bags, grenades and all the gun ammo. Finding I couldn't fit it all in my duffel bag, I nabbed the backpacks as well. I thought it would be best to lay low so I properly replaced the supply drop lid. Then I snuck of into the undergrowth.

Taking out my hunting knife I grabbed the first pack of ammo that came to hand. It said: Drumhead shotgun ammunition packet, fits all drumheads except type 44B. This didn't matter to me of course I just needed. Stripping away the bullet casing I collected the gunpower and put it in the thick lined bags using strips of my old T-shirt as fuses. I found I could strike my knife against rocks to make a spark to light my homemade bombs.

"5 players remaining!" The loudspeakers produced a voice that echoed through the entire arena.

I ran and ran until I stumbled on the sight of Big Daddy. Slowly I took out one of the bombs, lit it and threw it. Luckily he heard me throw it so he turned around to face it. I was a bad shot and didn't hit him but the shockwave from the blast knocked him backwards. I lit another and did the same.

"Hey that's not fair! Where did you get those?" Bellowed a voice. With the bomb smoke blocking my vision he'd just made it easier for me. I threw a barrage of explosives at him (including the grenades) which knocked him about like a pinball. Stopping, I tried to see through the smoke but it was impossible.

Without warning a hand clamped round my mouth. With the ease of years of practice he swung the backpack onto my front, knocked me down and used his legs to perform a specialist arm lock keeping his arms free. My arms and torso were completely paralysed although I could still move my hands.

'Time's up.' I thought.

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