The Power Of The Mind

Created for hunger games novel compitition.
An account of one of the participants in a HG compitition.
Although I've never read Hunger Games I've given this book a go anyway!!


4. ...But Then Came Big Daddy

I finally found the where the speaker should have been but it was just a snapped metal stump. Suddenly the speaker pole flew a couple of metres above my head. Watching, I saw it impale someone who was creeping up on me. I turned back and saw him.

This guy was a monster of a man. He stood at about 7'7" and he had so much muscle he looked like Hulk on steroids. His weapon looked like a giant meat cleaver. I noticed a trail of heads behind him like you spread breadcrumbs to find your way back only the sight made me want to throw up. I was so scared I couldn't move. Then he spotted me.

"How are you ment to fight let alone win without any weapons" I pulled out my hunting knife. "Ha, your gonna beat me with that toothpicker, just for that you deserved to be crushed." With that comment he charged.

I leapt sideways, right where I was standing, the ground exploded with the force of his punch. Cutting and weaving I dodged through the trees. He didn't chase me. Staring back I wondered what he was doing. Then the trees came down like dominos, crashing down to seal my fate. He had exploded the roots for the tree at the end. Diving out of the way, I landed in an overhanging ditch which protected me from the crashing giants. I looked up to see him weilding his sword with incomprehensible speed. It moved as fast as he did, cutting down his path a millisecond before he got there. For some reason or another, I just stood facing him. I swung my knife and it somehow caught his blade in a lock so he couldn't move it.

"Aaarrr!" He put his weight foward into a powerful kick to my stomach. I flew backwards and collided with a rock. Pain exploded in my back. For a few grogy moments I thought I broken my spine and couldn't move. Standing up I groped for my knife, luckely it was just in front of me, and I stepped backwards. Coming forwards to finish me off, he tossed the rock into his arms like a baby and hurled it at me. With no space either side I turned away from the incoming projectile and dived.

"Good ridance!" He said before spitting on the rock and charging away...

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