The Power Of The Mind

Created for hunger games novel compitition.
An account of one of the participants in a HG compitition.
Although I've never read Hunger Games I've given this book a go anyway!!


7. Achilles Heel

Just as I was preparing to die instead of finishing me, he searched through my bags. He saw everything in them but it became obvious he hadn't found what he was looking for.

"Where's your lighter?" He snarled. I smirked slightly as I realised what he was planning.

"Don't have one." All the time I kept trying to get my knife free.

"LIAR!!" He grabbed my bags and threw them into a hedge before he unleashed a devastating volley of punches. I couldn't defend myself but I got the hilt of my knife. Driving it into his heel, he loosen his grip and I got free. Rolling over I launched a vicious high-kick and then a low-kick to sweep away his feet.

While he was down I sprung up into a fighting stance, knife in hand, he quickly did the same. He swung his fist, I blocked, I sliced, he sidestepped, he drew his blade, I lunged, he parried, he swung his blade, I ducked. The fight carried on like this for some time but it seemed forever. Evenly matched my one advantage was his heel, which also slowed him down, but I was not in peak condition either. But then the tides turned when a fluke shot knocked my knife well out my reach.

"Ha," He gloated "Game over chump!" He lunged and I sidestepped but he had anticipated this. Swinging upwards, his blade grazed my forearm but it had not had the effect he wished and the attack knocked him off balance. I body slammed him and his blade clattered out of his hands. It was at that moment we heard the hum of the barrier. I took a moment to hear it and that's all he needed to get a knee in my stomach.

"Number 17, number 3 the barrier is closing on you current position, you need to get moving." Our watches said in sync as we saw it. Edging closer, in a locked fight, the aim now was to get the other one to hit the force field. Like who can stay on the log longest when you have great big wacking sticks except the loser would die.

He spin kicked me and I flew backwards, slumping on the ground. When he bent over me, to finish me off, I kicked upwards. Springing up, I grabbed him and flung him towards the barrier. As he hurtled towards it, he tried to slow down but it was no use. The force of the shock knocked him unconscious. I grabbed the nearest weapon, his, and finished it, using the blade to beheaded. As I pocketed my knife I thought 'I've done it, I've won!'

"2 contestants remaining!" Annouced the loudspeaker...

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