Path of Osiris

Sword, staff and sceptreSword, staff and sceptre is a three pronged tale and will span over three books. Book one titled THE PATH OF OSIRIS, is the first book and tells the story of the struggles the prince faces and his trials. Ultimately, as the name suggests, the path he must take.Book two is titled THE WAR OF OSIRIS. Here he is well along in fulfilling his tasks as a protagonist and nearly succeeded in his goal at achieving divinity. He wages a war against his primal enemies and all who would stand between him and his goals.The last part of the tale is titled THE DEATH OF OSIRIS and well I won’t spoil the suspense here save to say that as the name suggests, the third book tells the story of his ‘’death’’. We all know death could mean many things so let’s not jump to conclusions. Heroes as we know don’t die. Well usually. Synopsis of book one: The Path of Osiris In this tale, the time of prophesy’s unfolding is neigh. The dark lord and master of chaos Seth hath slain his brother Osiris in treachery thereby consigning him to the underworld. He plans to tear a hole in the fabric of the planes, thereby making a portal into the world of men. Accomplishing this would grant him access to the world and the unleashing of wholesale chaos and whatever evil plans the master of evil had would follow.The priests of Ra and Osiris well aware of these events unfolding take steps to checkmate the master of chaos. The crown prince of Egypt Kemosiri aka Osiris is the main piece in this titanic struggle between good and evil and will spearhead the fight for preservation of life and carry out the tasks destiny hath set in store for him. The prince shares more than a name with the slain god however and the last essence of the slain god Osiris is what will enable him to fulfil his destiny and oppose Seth master of chaos and evil.

The author has rated this movella as yellow, meaning it is inappropriate for users under the age of 13.
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