Infection ( a Louis Tomlinson FanFic)

Elena: He Can't be near me. I'm dangerous then why can't i take my eyes off of him. Can't get him out of my head.
Louis: Why do I feel so attached to her like two magnets.


1. Change-chp 1

Elena POV


It's been a year since the change.I can handle myself. control thats all it is. Cmon Elena you used to rule the skool get back into your groove. Use this to ur advantage.It's awkward  now that josh and I broke up. I just couldn't stand the thought of me hurting him. I have to realize im a threat to everyone around me.


Louis POV

" Louis the bus is leaving get your ass out here" Hazza yelled. " It shoud be illegal to wake up this early. Why do we have to go back to skool anyways?" I reply. I just don't get why the manahement made us go baclk to skool. Wat if fans attack us. I walk out the front door. The boys didn't wanna wait for us so Harry drove us to skool. Remember low profile ur not Louis Tomlinson 1/5 one direction here ur just Louis.

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